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year-round mobile event app

Event planners and organizers need to start thinking about mobile event apps as a tool to generate year-round engagement. Available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play 365 days a year, iOS and Android mobile apps enjoy 95% of the market share and not only give event hosts unprecedented access to the daily lives of conference, meeting, and trade show attendees, but those unable to attend the event.

A mobile event app used in the right way addresses many big-picture goals of companies and organizations. By matching the best available features for year-round engagement to a specific industry and expectations of attendees, any event host can find multiple ways to share content with users around the year.

AppBurst's free white paper, entitled The Year-Round Event App, illustrates just how beneficial mobile event apps become when content is relevant to users throughout the entire year. The white paper discusses best practices to make a year-round mobile event app a reality—complete with a case study and overview of features best suited to engage users outside of the event. 

Table of Contents:

1. Intro

2. Why Do Apps Matter?

3. The Problem

4. A Case Study

5. Solutions

6. Benefits

7. The Multi-Event App

8. Summary

9. Partnering with a Mobile App Developer

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