Apps For Events Mobile Solutions

Apps For Events is a mobile app platform and software development services from AppBurst specifically created for the conference, meeting, tradeshow, and events industry. Our service includes native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, as well as mobile-web apps for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia, and other devices with internet access. We work with event professionals ranging from hosts and owners to planners and sponsors in building feature-rich mobile apps through a simple two-step process:

#1 Our Partners...

...provide app content via one or a combination of the following methods:

  • The AppBurst Dashboard
  • JSON, RSS, or XML data feeds
  • Custom data connectors to a client’s database or other backend.

The AppBurst Dashboard is a backend content management system (CMS) developed so clients may upload and edit app content in a user-friendly system with the guidance of tutorials and dedicated AppBurst support staff. Using data feeds such as RSS involve taking existing content (e.g. website blog) and generating a feed to use inside of the mobile application; updates to the original content automatically appear in the mobile app to cut down on manual data entry and streamline the update process. Custom data connectors, which often provide the most flexibility and automation, uses the expertise of AppBurst’s development team to connect to a client’s database or other backend to generate app content.

AppBurst also works with Microsoft Office documents, existing web content, and virtually any other type of data, including the ability upload properly formatted Excel spreadsheets into the AppBurst Dashboard CMS for faster and efficient data entry. Branding and custom design features—including colors, theme, graphics, and artwork—are also coordinated with the client and applicable sponsors to ensure each mobile app is tailor-made for the specific event.

#2 Apps For Events...

...utilizes the AppBurst platform, along with event-specific content and branding, to create engaging and interactive mobile apps for native iPhone apps, iPad apps, and Android apps, as well as mobile web sites. Constantly developed and enhanced since 2009, AppBurst’s mobile technology comes with a guarantee mobile applications will provide a user-friendly experience for all event attendees regardless of the smartphone or tablet used.

Learn more about the features that we offer by downloading the latest features guide here.

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