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Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 28, 2013

How To Promote Your Mobile App Before the Event

A mobile event app with engaging features and volumes of content is only effective if a significant portion of attendees become users. Our iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile web apps are capable of reaching virtually every smartphone and tablet user, yet simply assuming attendees will find and download a mobile app results in a small user base and fails to take advantage of cost effective and easy methods of promotion. Through the right combination of traditional communication, social media, and marketing materials, event planners and organizers will see great benefits not only at the event, but throughout the life of the app.   

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Posted by Mark Born on Jun 15, 2013

Using a Mobile App to Generate ROI for Conferences and Events

AppBurst mobile apps for events enable companies and organizations to produce an impressive return on investment, with iPhone, iPad, and Android apps geared towards maximizing sponsorship revenue and user retention. Providing a user base with app tools and updated content greatly increases user engagement and leads to more ROI opportunities such as charging vendors for push notifications and in-app sponsor features.

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Posted by Mark Born on May 31, 2013

A Guide to Interactive Exhibitor Maps in Mobile Conference & Event Apps

Exhibit halls are often the busiest locales at conferences and events, with exhibitors and vendors showcasing a variety of products or services relevant to virtually every attendee. AppBurst understands the importance of showcasing the exhibit hall to attendees and provides a highly interactive exhibitor map in mobile event apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on May 15, 2013

Learn How to Utilize Event App Attendee Communication

Beyond providing relevant material such as agendas and exhibitor information to attendees, AppBurst-developed mobile apps for events (iPad, iPhone, and Android) enable users to communicate with one another in a variety of ways. Attendee communication with other attendees and speakers is made possible via profile pages in the app, which can be open to the public or private so only authorized users have access to personal information.   

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Mar 28, 2013

AppBurst Featured in Meetings & Conventions Magazine

What should your event app do? AppBurst co-founder Rob Cartagine provided this answer and more in the March edition of Meetings and Conventions Magazine. The article, entitled "What Should Your Event App Do?", gives readers insight into the event app industry as a whole and showcases many benefits of our Apps For Events service offers in the process:

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Posted by on Mar 27, 2013

IACC 2013 Mobile Apps for Events Presentation

Mike Haldas and Mark Golden from AppBurst attended the IACC 2013 Americas conference hosted by the International Association of Conference Centres on March 20, 2013 in Chicago, IL.  Mike and Mark presented a session called "Keep Event Attendees Engaged with Interactive Mobile Apps".   The session discussed the features that should be considered to be included in an event app (iPhone, iPad, Android) so that it is useful for attendees to use at the event and motivates them to keep the app installed on their device year round.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 13, 2013

Single Event Apps vs. Multi Event Apps

An important decision for any company or organization holding multiple events throughout the year revolves around the number of apps ultimately available to attendees. Do you use a different mobile event app for each meeting or simply have one app and refresh the content from one event to the next? 

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 13, 2013

AppBurst Releases AAAAI 2013 Annual Meeting App

AppBurst has released a mobile event application for the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology's (AAAAI) Annual Meeting. The application -- available in native iPhone, iPad, and Android versions, as well as a mobile-web app -- was developed for the 2013 event, taking place in San Antonio, Texas from February 22nd to the 26th. 

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 04, 2013

AppBurst Releases Satcom Direct Annual Conference App

AppBurst has released a mobile event app for Satcom Direct's annual Connecting with Customers Conference, taking place today through Thursday at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio, Texas. The event will focus on industry topics regarding global satellite communications and host a variety of training sessions, certification renewals, and networking events.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 08, 2013

Comparing AppBurst Event Apps to Alternatives

In the crowded space of mobile app development, all apps for events are not created equal. Many solutions result in a generic-looking app with little room for customizable branding or ways to display content. AppBurst understands the need to create fully brandable iPhone event apps, iPad event apps, and Android event apps with engaging content displayed and organized in ways best fitting each specific event. Check out the following examples to see how our mobile event apps stack up to other available options: 

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Dec 11, 2012

Generate Revenue with Event App Sponsor Features

AppBurst-developed mobile event apps offer an impressive collection of sponsor features to help generate revenue for your company or organization. Many of our clients pay for the cost of development and even turn the mobile app into a profit center through the use of strategically placed banner ads, takeover graphics, splash pages, and devoted sponsor pages. Push messaging also enables sponsors to communicate with attendees in real time.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Dec 05, 2012

Use Push Messaging in Event Apps to Generate Revenue

Our AppBurst Dashboard enables event organizers and planners to send timely push messages to attendees with Android event apps, iPhone event apps, and iPad event apps. The feature is a powerful tool, providing real-time communication with your user base to relay scheduling changes, promote important events, and event generate extra revenue for your company or organization by selling sponsor or exhibitor messages. This often overlooked use of push messaging has been successfully implemented in various forms with AppBurst-developed mobile event apps.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 29, 2012

Control Event App Content with the AppBurst Dashboard Admin System

Easily control the content of your mobile event app with the AppBurst Dashboard, an admin system with the functionality to add and edit content, change graphics, and send push messages for iPhone event apps, iPad event apps, and Android event apps. App analytics and survey responses are also viewable within the admin system, making the AppBurst Dashboard a comprehensive resource for your mobile event app needs.  

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 19, 2012

Why an Event or Conference Needs a Mobile App

From flexible content management to interactive features and social media, iPhone event apps, iPad event apps, and Android event apps offer numerous benefits over traditional paper programs. Check out the list below to learn why your event or conference needs a mobile app: 

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 08, 2012

How to Make Your Mobile Event App Relevant Throughout the Year

Many mobile event apps are created for a company or organization's important annual conference, which generates great content once a year, but typically fails to bridge the gap between yearly events with new, relevant material for users. At AppBurst, we understand the lasting benefits of a mobile app past the event itself, working with clients to ensure users remain engaged from the moment one event ends until the next begins. Check out some examples below to better understand how tweaking app features after the event, along with a branding overhaul, can give your mobile app a fresh look and increase user retention through relevant, year-round content in iPhone event apps, iPad event apps, and Android event apps.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 01, 2012

How App Analytics Measures the Success of Mobile Apps for Events

Mobile apps for events give owners and organizers of conferences, meetings, and trade shows a powerful tool to provide to attendees, yet gauging its overall impact is difficult without the help of quality analytic software. Knowing the importance of useful, measurable data on mobile app usage, we provide our clients with a detailed report on user activity in the app.

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Posted by Mike Haldas on Oct 31, 2012

Polling Conference Attendees in an iPad Event App

Our new in-app rating and polling feature was implemented in the CRF meetings iPad app that AppBurst developed for the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. The below screenshots illustrate how attendees of the TCT2012 event held in Miami, Florida were able to leave ratings for each session and section that they attended at this conference. Please note that although the below screenshots capture how the polling feature is used in an iPad app, this feature is also available in the iPhone and Android mobile apps that we develop.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 24, 2012

New App Released for APQC 2012 Process Conference

AppBurst has released the 2012 APQC Process Conference App for this year's Process Conference & Training event, being held from October 22 to 26 at the Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa in Houston, Texas. In its 35th year, the conference showcases various organization's successful process management approaches and gives attendees numerous networking opportunities through lunches and receptions. 

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 19, 2012

Updated CRF Meetings App Released with New Survey Feature

AppBurst has unveiled a new survey feature in its CRF Meetings App for the 2012 TCT Conference, which takes place next week at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, the surveys are now offered with every mobile event app and provides our clients with multiple ways to receive valuable feedback from attendees.

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Posted by Matt Milloway on Sep 20, 2012

KWLA Fall Conference App Released

The AppBurst-developed KWLA Fall Conference App was recently released for the Kentucky World Language Association's annual gathering of educators, which takes place in Lexington, Kentucky from September 20 to 22. Officially entitled "Proficiency to the Core", the conference brings together educators in an engaging setting to share ideas and success stories regarding language learning in schools. Presentations, workshops, and networking events are all available to attendees at the three-day event.

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