Why an Event or Conference Needs a Mobile App

Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 19, 2012

From flexible content management to interactive features and social media, iPhone event apps, iPad event apps, and Android event apps offer numerous benefits over traditional paper programs. Check out the list below to learn why your event or conference needs a mobile app: 

  1. Mobile usage is on the rise. While nearly 50% of the United States owns a smartphone, roughly two-thirds of all business travelers, i.e. the typical user attending your conference or event, are users of mobile apps. A vast majority of your attendees already use a mobile device throughout their day-to-day routine and will readily engage in a mobile app as a go-to resource for your conference. 
  2. Apps serve as digital event programs and may eventually replace printed programs. The latter is typically expensive and goes to print 60-90 days before the event, making scheduling changes and other content updates extremely difficult. Mobile apps, however, not only reduce paper waste, but are a cost effective solution that enables event owners, organizers, and sponsors to update content at any time -- even for last minute agenda changes.
  3. Mobile apps are extremely engaging, enabling your attendees to view event content on the device of his or her choice. Features such as interactive exhibit hall maps and calendar integration assist attendees in locating vendors and planning their day, making the experience more accessible and convenient, while PDF document integration and YouTube videos place engaging media in the hands of your user base. 
  4. As a marketing tool to promote an event, mobile apps enable event owners and planners to place content in front of attendees well before the event. For example, sending push messages to users with reminders, promotions, and other relevant content helps generate additional buzz about your upcoming event.  
  5. Many users will leave the mobile app on his or her device after the event, which allows our clients to update their user base about next year’s event, as well as general updates, marketing material, and even industry news -- all of which promotes communication throughout the year and can turn an event app into a go-to resource for your company or organization.  
  6. Surveys generate valuable feedback for event planners and organizers, which can be used to gauge the success of the event and more importantly make improvements for the following year. With session or speaker-specific multiple choice questions, star ratings, and various other Q & A formats, a mobile app serves as an extremely effective tool to collect feedback from attendees and display results in an easily accessible report. 
  7. Social networking integration enables users to share information about the event via email, Facebook, Twitter to reach more people than ever before with content about your company or organization. With a user base sharing event information with family, friends, and colleagues around the world, the potential to increase your overall footprint and exposure is greatly enhanced with a mobile event app.  
  8. Unlike old fashioned mailing lists, mobile apps build an engaged user base and makes communication with your audience more effective and easily trackable, as download statistics and app analytics illustrate important metrics such as overall users, user retention, time spent inside the app, and what content areas are most popular.  

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