How to Utilize Twitter During an Event

Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 01, 2014

Twitter is a powerful social media tool with over 255-million active monthly users. Event apps are able to integrate the social media platform in a variety of ways, from enabling users to share app content to providing real-time Twitter feeds -- used for promotion and to update attendees about event happenings. Understanding the power of Twitter during a meeting or conference to interact with attendees, exhibitors, and even those not attending the event is important to maximize its potential.

Use a Conference #Hashtag

The best way to utilize Twitter at an event and make social media an interactive experience for attendees is to promote a conference or meeting-specific hashtag weeks before the event begins. Encourage attendees to include the hashtag with any event-related tweets and make sure event planners also jump on board, sending registration details and other updates. Mobile event apps may be setup to display hashtag-specific tweets in addition to the official company or organization feed, giving users more ways to interact with social media.

Promote Exhibitors

Using Twitter to call attention to certain booth numbers is a great way to interact with attendees navigating the exhibit hall and can also generate extra revenue if event organizers charge to promote exhibitors in the app. Tweeting pictures of products, brand-specific facts relevant to the industry, or even people interacting with one another at a booth represent powerful marketing tools, drawing attendees to the exhibitor in higher numbers. Make sure to follow exhibitors as well, which inevitably leads to more exposure and followers as additional people come across and follow the Twitter account.

Live Tweeting Sessions

Speeches by keynote speakers and other important sessions during the event contain a lot of important details. Beyond providing PDF abstracts and speaker bios in the event app, share quotes and other interesting happenings in real time to attendees via Twitter. Share questions and answers between the speaker and audience, as well as recapping the session with final thoughts and links to more information for those unable to attend. Tweeting in real time during sessions and other events also serves as a friendly reminder for users not in attendance, leading to increased participation.

Further Interaction with Attendees

Sending relevant tweets throughout the event will inevitably lead to attendees responding or retweeting. Make sure to interact with users, selectively retweeting or favoriting tweets as a sign of endorsement. Interacting with attendees also leads to potential followers who were unable to attend the event and also acts as a source for lead generation and better exposure in marketing efforts. More activity on social media increases the likelihood of a tweet being favorited or retweeted by another Twitter account with thousands or even millions of followers.

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