How to Use LinkedIn for Event Promotion

Posted by Matt Milloway on Dec 11, 2014

While many event organizers focus on Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn’s emphasis on business networking makes the social media network a perfect fit for event promoting. LinkedIn does have a more strict etiquette, however, when it comes to how messages are worded and connecting with other users. Understanding how to best utilize LinkedIn--as well as integrating the social media network in a mobile event app for iPhone, iPad, and Android--gives host companies and organizations a valuable tool to not only promote the event, but engage attendees, generate additional leads, and more.

Event Promoting on LinkedIn

Promoting an event on LinkedIn is much more layered than other social media networks. Start with using a keyword search to find discussion groups relevant to the event’s industry, join the aforementioned groups, and start posting relevant content. Discussion groups are not a spot for blatant event promotion, but to build name recognition with colleagues. A related tip: create a group and invite members from the other discussion groups to join.

The last suggestion is a no-brainer, but make sure to post often to the main company or organization page and keep content mostly informative and related to 3rd-party sources, with a small dose of self promotion sprinkled in for good measure. By building a following on LinkedIn and actively talking about relevant topics in whatever industry or industries associated with the event, more people are likely to see event-related promotion.

A Guide to LinkedIn Etiquette

Users of Facebook and Twitter likely see blatant, abundant promotion of products and services each and every day. While LinkedIn users are also able to promote, a level of tact is required to avoid turning off more professional-oriented audience. Instead of simply telling people an event will be great, outline a list of benefits attendees receive by registering and let users connect the dots. Adding value without overt promotion goes a long way.

Another consideration involves connecting with users. LinkedIn asks for users to note their relationship (e.g. colleague, old classmate, etc.) with another person during the connection process. While many power users accept all invites sent their way, a few “I don’t know this person” replies creates a red flag on the offenders account and makes it more difficult to connect with users in the future. Making connections with only those truly associated with the company or organization in some way typically yields the best results.

LinkedIn Event App Integration

A mobile-friendly version of LinkedIn should be a standard feature in any mobile event app. Users may sign-in directly inside of the app and connect with colleagues and other attendees without needing to swap between apps. Given LinkedIn’s popularity with virtually all professional networks, attendees will appreciate the added convenience and most likely became more active on the social media network during earlier promotion efforts by event planners.

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