Successful Social Media Campaigns: After the Event

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 27, 2015

A successful social media campaign begins with work before the event and extends to a concerted effort during the conference, meeting, or trade show.  In the final part of a three-part series highlighting social media best practices surrounding an event, the ability to smartly use downtime in the months following an event is highlighted to ensure event planners and organizers are engaging attendees around the year.

By focusing on post-event social media outreach and how it ties into mobile event apps, companies and organizations are able to leverage content useful to attendees-—and those unable to attend the event—every month of the year, as well as greatly improve upon next year’s event.

Take a Step Back

While it’s true social media campaigns need to be a sustained effort, overwhelming attendees with a barrage of posts in the weeks following an event only serves to inundate people as they try and catch up on work back at the office. Be smart about social media and use the weeks immediately following the event for fun posts like sharing pictures and videos. Hint at upcoming content like webinars and educational documents meant to give everyone involved valuable and evergreen resources in the mobile event app.

Send Reminders

Many events utilize mobile technology to generate feedback from attendees in the form of surveys and rating systems. Inevitably, a number of people will have overlooked this important element of communication between attendee and event host. Use social media to remind attendees to fill out any feedback forms and incentivize with prizes and drawings if the return numbers are low. Other examples of reminders include registration dates for the following year’s event and wrap-up information for exhibitors or sponsors.

Tell People About New Content

Efforts to make an event app—and by extension the event itself—relevant year-round is tied into giving interested parties useful content. Webinars, PDF documents, contact directories, and more may be added or updated in the app to include every resource needed for attendees to use momentum gained at the event and continue to network or learn about the subject matter. Simply adding the content to the app or a website isn’t enough. Let people know about the content on social media and give everyone more reasons to make the mobile app a mainstay on his or her smartphone and tablet. Some of the content (webinars and abstracts in particular) might take a number of weeks to collect and ready after the event ends, which is perfect timing to give attendees a brief break before another great excuse to increase social media efforts.

Become a Respected Industry Source

Integrating RSS Feeds from internal blogs and news sources around the industry is always a great idea to provide mobile app users (i.e. attendees) with useful content around the year. Whether one of these news items is especially useful and warrants a re-post on social media as well, or perhaps another source published an article worthy of sharing, leverage respected social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share industry news and become a respected source for information. The benefits include a bigger and sustained audience—translating into more attendees at next year’s event.

Follow Up and Engage

Make sure to follow up and comment on people’s posts and comments related to both the event itself and industry-related happenings. Nothing is worse than an attendee asking a useful question on Facebook—for everyone else to see, no less—and their post going unnoticed for weeks at a time. Engagement is a two-way street and even checking social media activity one or two times a week is enough to remain active and address anyone’s questions or concerns.

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