Apps For Events Releases SJHS iPad Conference App

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 10, 2012

Apps For Events, AppBurst's mobile development service for the conference and event industry, has released an iPad app for the Saint Joseph Health System 2012 Trustee Conference. The conference app -- created specifically for the January 26-27 event -- keeps the needs of SJHS conference attendees in mind with a comprehensive event guide and information on the host city of Austin, Texas.

Users of the conference app are able to quickly access daily itineraries, keynote speaker biographies, and a map of the conference facilities via an easy to navigate bottom menu. An included city guide provides a five-day weather forecast and travel information such as dining and movie theaters for the host city. Apps For Events also unveiled a new “notes” feature, giving attendees easy access to a note-taking page for use during the conference, which can be saved and edited within the app. This new feature is currently available for iPad conference and event apps, and will soon be released for other devices.

The SJHS 2012 Trustee Conference, entitled "Responding to the Call: Transforming Our Ministry", takes place at the Barton Creek Hotel and Spa on the western outskirts of Austin and aims to identify industry changes in health care.

For more information on the event and mobile application, visit the SJHS 2012 Trustee Conference Mobile App Page.