Five Actionable Sponsorship Strategies for Successful Mobile Event Apps

Posted by Matt Milloway on Apr 25, 2016

Expecting sponsors to pay top dollar for exposure in a mobile event app is a fool’s errand without due diligence and a year-round strategy. Consider these five actionable steps to ensure sponsors see the value of their presence in a mobile event app for any meeting, conference, or trade show.

Consistently Research 

Selling sponsorships without research runs the risk of two distinct problems: A sponsor may not be the best fit for a specific event and the proposal itself might be well out of line with industry standards. Tackle the former issue by asking what potential sponsors want to accomplish at the event and how these goals fit the collective goals of people attending the conference.

Chasing the most dollars without considering a sponsor’s value to attendees might provide more short-term gains, but can dampen the impact of an event and hurt attendance numbers in subsequent years. 

As for submitting accurate sponsorship proposals, pay attention to deals happening in similar events and understand offers to sell ad space needs to be framed as a conversation starter to discuss bigger goals. Avoid generic proposals without due diligence or an idea of what other sponsors are getting at meetings and conferences in the same industry. Finally, be on the lookout for new happenings such as a new product launch to sound as educated as possible on how the event can help promotion efforts. 

Compile and Share Attendees 

Are fifty percent of attendees high level executives and decision makers at their respective companies? Create a simple presentation catered to the goals of a specific sponsor with visuals and a statistical breakdown. Consider adding attendee data to the mobile event app—password protected if need be—to give companies an accessible resource of the people and associated organizations attending the event.

Sponsors need to see the value of their spending; knowing a high portion of eyes on their branding and message is qualified industry leaders capable of making a purchasing decision can prove highly valuable. 

Find the Right Speakers

Finding and promoting the right speaker to sponsors is another key element of securing bigger sponsorship deals. Great speakers attract bigger audiences and secure prime moments for sponsors to pay for a push alert, sponsor a specific session, or simply pay for a bigger piece of the overall advertising pie. Make sure the event is framed as highly valuable to sponsors by offering a list of speakers with their credentials and accomplishments—another effort made much easier with a mobile event app. 

Numbers are Crucial 

What kind of social media strategy will be implemented at the event and how many followers belong to each platform? How about the number of registered attendees before the event and event app downloads? Consider implementing a user authentication feature for the mobile app to provide concrete numbers of engaged users and provide mobile app analytic information from previous years to highlight the popularity of reach of mobile advertising. 

Provide Extra Value

Go the extra mile and offer to provide a post-event report to every attendee with analytics and feedback specific to a sponsor’s goals. Offer to schedule a follow-up call to discuss the event and take notes; early feedback helps event planners align sponsorship strategies for the following year.

Also consider integrating a sponsor-only section in the mobile event app with an interactive survey and other documentation to create a clear line of communication and better understand sponsors every step of the way. 

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