Preparing Speakers & Exhibitors for Mobile Event App Technology

Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 24, 2014

Promoting an event app to attendees is a great start to realizing the benefits of going mobile.  Educating speakers and exhibitors on how to best prepare for and utilize available mobile technology, however, reflects the next step in maximizing the potential of a mobile event app at a meeting or conference. Find out what steps are necessary to ensure everyone is taking advantage of mobile app features and getting the most out their event experience in the process.

Tech-Savvy Speakers

While unrealistic to expect every speaker to embrace mobile technology, focus on finding and recruiting speakers--especially those in important keynote roles--who are comfortable making a mobile app and its content part of their presentations. Make sure speakers know well in advance their PDF abstracts or PowerPoint presentations may be available to access in the mobile app by attendees during the session and urge them to let users know at the onset. Also inform the speaker of any hashtags specific to the event so he or she may promote its use during the session--generating social media buzz and commentary about the presentation as a result.

In addition to supplementing a speaker’s presentation at the event with PDFs and social media, suggest the speaker utilize surveys to better handle Q&A sessions and even engage attendees with live polling. Many mobile app development companies make these features available to clients who use the tools for internal surveys and collecting information to improve the event, but fail to work with speakers in advance to make a better and more engaging experience for all involved. An assistant who reads through questions and feedback generated from the audience in real-time may also alleviate any concerns the speaker brings up related to distractions or being unable to manage the increased workload during their presentation.

mobile survey and polling


Much like speakers, exhibitors have a lot to gain from understanding and promoting the mobile app at an event. Many companies, however, may not even know their booth is listed on an exhibitor directory and interactive exhibit hall map. Let exhibitors know their booths are prominently displayed in the app so they can promote their booth in the app to attendees well ahead of the conference and then point out the booth to people during the event. Exhibitors may also utilize the attendee and speaker directories in the app to generate leads and potential clients.

Push messaging offers companies a chance to engage with attendees--either by simply asking app users to visit a booth or to announce a special demonstration. Prize giveaways (e.g. come to booth 131 to enter a drawing for a free iPad) are also great ideas for exhibitors to generate increased interest via a mobile event app via push messaging or a “news and updates” section. Event planners often charge companies for this type of publicity in the app, generating increased revenue and resulting in a win-win scenario for both sides.

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