Easy Online Marketing Strategies for Events

Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 28, 2016

Successful online marketing for meetings, conferences, and trade shows requires more than posting occasional messages to social media and emailing updates to attendees. A proper game plan encompasses both networking strategies and the event’s mobile app to boost attendance numbers and engagement. Learn how a number of actionable and easy online marketing tricks give hosts the ability reach bigger goals. 

Create Social Media Exclusivity 

Chances are great the event’s mobile app contains social media integration and the majority of attendees actively use a number of popular platforms. Take advantage and go one step further than standard engagement by creating exclusivity to reward and excite attendees. 

social media online marketing mobile app

One example is an invite-only Facebook group with invitations sent immediately after registration and integration with your mobile event app. The group not only gives attendees an area to network and chat in a more private and setting, but enables easier cooperation for logistics like room and ride shares. The exclusive nature of the Facebook group also serves to generate more buzz and entice others to become a part of the action. 

Run a Contest with Valuable Rewards

Attendees are inundated with free pens and coasters from event hosts and exhibitors. Run a better contest and start it well before the event begins to drum up hype and anticipation. Partner with a sponsor to offer something free and of tangible value to attendees and prompt everyone to post their entry to social media with a designated contest hashtag. 

Options might include VIP experiences, access to upgraded networking opportunities, or useful products applicable to the industry. The social media element, prize information, and winning results can all be integrated with the mobile event app—as can alerting attendees about the contest via push alerts

Reach Out to Influencers 

Networking to top influencers needs to be a personalized affair; ditch the canned emails in lieu of short, targeted emails showing the influencer how their skillset and background is a perfect fit for the event. 

Urge the influencers to contribute in a way that best helps everyone’s interests. Some individuals with influential blogs might pen a guest post for the event. Others may contribute their popular social media accounts for an influential tweet. Consider how the influencer is most valuable to the marketing component of an event and be specific with any communication. 

Offer Incentives for Referrals 

Generating new attendees is always harder than retaining loyal followers of the event who return year after year. Give both side of the fence a boost with referral bonuses for attendees who entice a friend or colleague register. Consider a discount on the registration itself or make an exclusive portion of the mobile event app available with discount codes—either to the event or extras like lodging—and other valuable content. 

online referrals mobile event apps

Host a Pre-Event Happening Online

Social media and other forms of online marketing engagement are great in the months leading up to the event, but many events are beginning to host official “pre-event” events to gather as many attendees together as possible at one time. 

The pre-event might be to introduce a keynote speaker, kick off a contest, or simply hype the event’s value and let registered attendees know discounts await for those who refer others to the big day. Newer social media platforms such as Periscope offer potential for engaging pre-events; hosts can also consider live tweets or an old-fashioned webinar. 

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