Overcome Common Event Social Media Concerns with Mobile Apps

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 21, 2016

Social media engagement for meetings, conferences, and trade shows can be a daunting proposition for event planners. An array of platform and content options, as well as concerns over relevancy and timing, keeps even seasoned social media users wondering about best practices for their upcoming event. Luckily, the answer to a number of common concerns is greatly helped by leveraging mobile event apps. 

Continue reading to learn about common questions event planners ask about social media engagement and how mobile event apps are a helpful tool to ensure positive interaction with attendees. 

Overcome Too Many Social Media Options

Countless popular social media platforms exist. Further complicating matters is the fact most platforms offer a number of different post formats and other options. The answer? Keep it simple.

Decide on one designated hashtag for the event and avoid sprinkling posts with dozens of generic hashtags that inevitably won’t stick. Posts with the specific hashtag may be populated into a designated area of the mobile event app to spur further engagement and simplify conversations. 

The same holds true for deciding on a handful of platforms; identify the target audience, or attendee base, and determine where they prefer to receive messages. Older crowds might stick to Facebook, while millennials are almost certainly active on Twitter and Instagram. 

Release the mobile event app early to send interactive surveys to attendees if preferences aren’t clear from demographic research and following attendee activity on social platforms. Pick a set of options and stick to a consistent posting strategy before, during, and after the event. 

Ensure Event App Content Relevancy 

The majority of social media posts aren’t entirely valuable or relevant to their intended audience. Avoid filler content, but also ensure content is always available to post. Consider the following content ideas for relevant posts before, during, and after the event: 

Before the Event

Use pictures and videos from last year; people enjoy re-living old memories and flattering media only services to get attendees excited for another year mingling with friends and colleagues. Mobile event apps with photo gallery and Youtube or Vimeo integration can easily share digital media with attendees well before the event. 

Dig up positive feedback and showcase testimonials. Share glowing quotes about the past year’s event and inspirational messages in a designated section of the mobile event app. Also consider the fact interactive event app surveys and live polling makes collecting and archiving feedback much easier than still relying on paper. 

During the Event

Encourage social engagement and urge speakers to remind attendees about social media posts at the event of each session. Consider placing digital or paper signage around the event facility with the designated hashtag and incentives to post content via gamification or giveaways. Also, remember to engage and respond in equal measures. Event hosts need to lead by example. 

Actively share content from speakers and exhibitors: Lean on quality content from others at the event and repost quotes from speakers or interesting industry news from exhibitors. The latter can even be turned into increased ROI by charging exhibitors to post about their demonstrations or offerings. 

After the Event

Immediately hint at valuable future content such as webcasts and PDF abstracts released in the months following the event. Keep the conversation going by asking engaging questions on social media and transition to announcements about next year’s event when relevant, thus repeating the cycle all over again. 

Striking the Right Tone for Social Media Posts

Event planners are also naturally concerned about striking the right tone on social media posts. Consistency is important and event hosts tend to rightfully play it safe to avoid being controversial or run the risk of rubbing attendees the wrong way. Still, there’s plenty of room to be playful or lighthearted with social posts depending on the audience and theme of the event. 

Decide on a tone from the onset by stealing a page from other events in the industry and stick to the same style of messaging throughout the event. Dry comments for days followed by one attempt to crack a joke often backfires; instead, set the tone early with a dose of humor if it will be used again. 

Mobile event apps help track attendee reactions to posts and their own style of messages by providing a comprehensive and portable resource of all social activity. Event planners are able to quickly check reactions to recent posts while on the go and can respond in kind. 

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