How Mobile Event Apps Reward Core Attendee Needs

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 20, 2017

Mobile apps offer a myriad of interactive features to help both attendees and hosts reap more rewards from their event experience. Yet the driving force behind a mobile event app’s success goes well beyond features to what people subconsciously crave when attending a meeting, conference, or trade show. 

The psychological response to clearing out your inbox, for instance, extends to mobile apps; things like social rewards and the gratification associated with consuming exclusive or hard-to-find content keeps attendees coming back for more and enables event planners to charge higher prices for sponsor packages and enjoy a bigger return on investment.

Continue reading to learn how a mobile event app taps into core needs of its users to create a positive environment for everyone involved.

Social Rewards

Networking at events is greatly aided by a mobile app giving attendees 24/7 connectivity to their colleagues. Attendee directories and social media integration connects new people who might not otherwise meet; the likelihood of finding someone’s phone number or making headway amongst someone’s cluttered email inbox—all while they’re also busy at the event—is much harder than sending a quick message via the official mobile event app—or something as simple as knowing they’re at the event to be on the lookout for their face during mutual sessions.

social media rewards conference mobile app

Mobile apps also show attendees who they already know at the event. Consider attending an event where you’re likely to forget everyone from years past; the ability to re-connect with old friends and acquaintances with a few taps of an iPhone, iPad, or Android device makes everyone feel more connected to previous events.

Attendees can easily setup a lunch or after-hours get-together with their favorite colleagues to relive events of past years, network, and collaborate on new ideas without having to run around and connect with everyone in person.

Information Rewards

Everyone wants exclusive content and timely updates to feel they’re getting the best value out of their experiences. Are attendees coming to your event in part to consume information they can’t get elsewhere from speakers and presentations? Mirror this approach in the mobile event app with timely releases of PDF abstracts, research, and other insights to make attendees feel like the “it” crowd in their industry with early or exclusive access to value-added content.

mobile event app exclusive content

The same information rewards can extend to push alerts. Waiting to publish an official press release or blog post to update everyone on a new product or initiative? Give event app users an early peek with alerts sent to their smartphones and tablets days before the big unveil. Consider adding dedicated spots to the app for mobile-only content and even password protect certain items to create an added layer of exclusivity.

The Bottom Line

Social and informational rewards create added incentives for attendees by tapping into core psychological principles. Leverage and promote your mobile app as the must-have resource for networking and exclusive content to enjoy more downloads and engagement not only during the event, but throughout the year.

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