How Mobile Event App Technology Improves Trade Shows

Posted by Matt Milloway on Sep 10, 2015

The goals of both attendees and exhibitors at trade shows are in many ways unique to other conferences and events. Priorities often revolve around networking and converting clients as opposed to more traditional event priorities like industry education or company-specific logistics. With a greater portion of business in all industries now being conducted via mobile technology, understanding event app benefits for trade shows ensures everyone involved enjoys the biggest return on investment.

Lead Generation

Trade shows are a prime resource for qualified leads of superior quality; people specifically interested in the given industry and with enough interest to spring for event attendance costs are all together in one locale for a set number of days. Attendees arrive with networking and gathering new information in mind. Using a mobile app to effectively take advantage of these goals is thus a must-have for trade-show exhibitors. Many event apps also include surveys and can be coordinated with event planners to serve as an additional source of lead generation and more advanced metrics like demographic statistics.

Much like event app benefits to exhibitors, mobile technology enables attendees to pull up contact information and send a direct email to the company or organization representing any booth at the event with one tap of a button. Bookmark contact information in the mobile app’s attendee directory for future follow-up inquiries and share product brochures colleagues and co-workers unable to attend. All of these actions can be performed in the directory of exhibitors or with an interactive map; the latter of which offers an extremely engaging and flexible tool to attendees for navigating the exhibit hall and interacting with exhibitor information. 


A better return on investment is available for those both selling and receiving sponsorships. Event planners armed with a mobile event app and a coordinated marketing effort are able to provide interactive, targeted sponsorship features aimed at reaching more attendees than traditional print options. Premium sponsors might enjoy access to a color-coded booth on the interactive exhibitor map and other perks like logos and PDF attachments; the listing might can also be promoted at the top of an otherwise alphabetical list to stand out from the crowd.

Other marketing options for both the event hosts and sponsors include primary and secondary splash screens as images or a video to engage attendees as the app launches with product highlights or a call to action to visit a specific booth. Event planners with access to the mobile app's content management system are able to send timely push notifications via the event app to let attendees know of demonstrations or contests in real-time. Also consider a dedicated banner ad along the bottom of the app or takeover ads to appear as a user visits a certain section in the app.

Extra Tip: Native mobile apps are available offline and store ads with the original download. Enjoy seamless marketing of a product or service—even when attendees are 30,000 feet above ground.    

Social Media

Social media integration in a mobile event app works in tandem with marketing efforts to harness the power Facebook, Twitter, and other mediums to engage attendees and promote specific brands during the event. Utilize a designated #hashtag across all applicable social media platforms to create better cohesiveness and make it easier for attendees to find and respond to posts. Exhibitors can engage attendees, generate retweets, and draw visitors to a booth at specific times throughout the day by simply staying abreast of social media in the mobile event app and using #hashtags.

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