The Benefits of Becoming a Mobile Event App Reseller

Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 19, 2015

Companies associated with events and event management in a variety of capacities are already in a position to greatly benefit from a reseller arrangement with a mobile app development company. From those providing event services in a specific industry like healthcare to those offering conference facilities or perhaps full event management services, the rising popularity of mobile event apps means nearly every event planner and organizer is at least considering going mobile for their next event.

Partnering with a flexible mobile app developer to provide this service on top of any existing areas of expertise gives clients and end users an incredibly valuable addition to any event experience.

The Benefits of Mobile

More people than ever before are relying on native mobile applications for their daily intake of digital media. Simply providing content on websites—or even mobile web apps—isn’t enough in today’s changing landscape. By offering branded and native mobile apps to clients, resellers are able to offer cutting edge services and remain competitive. Options include private and white label admin areas and/or mobile applications to further customize the experience and put more ownership in the hands of the reseller.

A Marketing Partner

Marketing material with screenshots and feature overviews are vital to selling many clients on the realities and benefits of native mobile apps. A mobile application development company is best equipped to handle this element of the process and able to provide resellers with all the tools—both print and digital—needed to seal the deal. A branded mobile app demo with the reseller’s logo and information is a valuable addition to marketing efforts and enables resellers to share a live example of a mobile app with potential clients via screen sharing at the office or on the go at trade shows and conferences.

Let the Experts Handle Any Technical Details

Developing and maintaining quality mobile apps is best left to experts with years of experience. Companies with a reseller agreement enjoy the peace of mind that comes with technical details being left to those best equipped at handling everything from submitting the app to the AppStore and Google Play to bug fixes and content updates. Development teams with a sole focus on mobile apps are also able to develop and publish apps, as well as create new features and designs, at a much lower cost and with far more expertise than others attempting similar one-off projects. Thousands of hours spent building and fine tuning a scalable platform means the potential for road blocks has already been overcome and the myriad of mistakes typically associated with building an application from scratch are avoided.

A Customized Experience for the Client

Each client receives a customized admin area to manage app content with any necessary training via screen sharing demos, online tutorials, and more traditional support via phone and email. Admin features and content areas are unique for each app to give clients all the tools needed to upload and edit content. Resellers may also receive extensive training on the admin area to provide their own demonstrations and client support based on whatever model makes the most sense for each client or agreement.

Worry-Free App Hosting and Maintenance

A company focused on mobile app development typically uses a reliable cloud infrastructure and content delivery network (CDN) to ensure users are able to download and receive updates to the app regardless of their location around the world. A solution can be scaled to as many end users as needed and all concerns related to data security and privacy are handled with professionalism—all with a dedicated team constantly monitoring mobile apps for bugs and to roll out new versions for updates to devices and operating systems.

An Honest Relationship

Reseller arrangements with a mobile app development company should be fruitful for both parties involved. With no upfront investment on the reseller’s part needed, the emphasis lies on giving a company the tools and resources needed to convert potential clients. The relationship between app developer and reseller might entail the former taking a hands on approach in demos, project management, and so forth, or the latter can spearhead much—if not all—of the day-to-day communication, leaving the app developer in charge of the technical details. Flexibility affords both sides an opportunity to find a working partnership and focus on delivering branded native mobile apps to clients and their end users.

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