A Four-Step Plan to Market Mobile Event Apps

Posted by Matt Milloway on May 24, 2016

Marketing a mobile event app is important to ensure maximum adoption rates and a great return on investment. The options to promote event apps to attendees, however, are endless and many event planners are unable to determine the best approach as the big meeting, conference, or trade show approaches.

Learn how to use a straightforward four-step-plan in conjunction with a native mobile app for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices to simplify and standardize marketing strategies across every event. 

Align Features with Attendee Preferences 

Do people attend the event for networking opportunities or is the biggest draw associated with obtaining new industry knowledge? Are attendees looking forward to interactive workshops or listening to a popular speaker? Consider the biggest event draws from years past, enable complimentary features in the mobile event app, and promote these benefits heavily in pre-event marketing. 

Let attendees know when every speaker's email address and social media information is available in the mobile app for networking or when valuable PDF abstracts are accessible for download if these elements are vital to an attendee finding value in the event. Also, consider sharing the specific value of the event app by highlighting key features in a tutorial as users open the app—as well as an intuitive home screen with the best content readily accessible without digging into extra menus. 

Promote Using the Right Marketing Techniques

The best mobile app and marketing messages still fall short without properly utilizing the right tools to spread the word. Promoting the mobile app needs to be a multi-faceted strategy involving every medium consumed by attendees; begin with traditional communication methods and develop a schedule for email marketing and social media centered on attendee benefits of downloading the mobile app. 

mobile event app promotion tips

Messaging on company websites and a landing page with easy access to the app stores is imperative to ensure attendees are able to quickly download and install the mobile app. Finally, consider posting a presentation on LinkedIn, SlideShare, and other sites with mobile app screenshots and benefit overviews.

A coordinated plan across various platforms gives event hosts the ability to maximize user downloads before the event and leverage the mobile app specifically to prove value and engage attendees. 

Utilize On-Site Branding

Effective pre-event marketing strategies still fail to convert every single attendee. On-site branding is important to serve as a friendly reminder for those attendees unable or unwilling to download the app in advance. Perhaps communication may have slipped through the crack or just purchased a new device. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt and make it as easy as possible to download the app once arriving at the event facility. 

Effective on-site efforts typically include signage around the registration area. Consider additions such as a WiFi hotspot if connectivity across the facility is limited or a video display where dedicated support staff can demo the app to attendees and answer questions. 

Access Post-Event Mobile App Analytics 

Tracking download statistics and advanced usage statistics such as individual page views and retention numbers give event planners and organizer proof their efforts were put to good use. Analyzing the attendee journey throughout an event also highlights areas of improvement and shapes a better strategy for subsequent years. The best insights not only improve the event app and its promotion, but the quality of sessions and speakers. 

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