A Guide to Interactive Exhibitor Maps in Mobile Conference & Event Apps

Posted by Mark Born on May 31, 2013

Exhibit halls are often the busiest locales at conferences and events, with exhibitors and vendors showcasing a variety of products or services relevant to virtually every attendee. AppBurst understands the importance of showcasing the exhibit hall to attendees and provides a highly interactive exhibitor map in mobile event apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

From saving visited booths and marking favorites to displaying sponsor booths and looking up company information directly in the app, our interactive exhibitor map for conferences and events provide a host of useful features to both event planners and attendees. Check out the screenshots below to learn more: 

An initial view of the interactive exhibitor map displays the entire exhibit hall on the right-hand side with a list of exhibitors on the left. Note the exhibitor directory also contains tabs for bookmarked and visited booths, as well as starred exhibitors for sponsors. 

Users are able to zoom in and view booths in greater detail. As an individual booth becomes larger, more of the company name appears in the booth and users are easily able to read booth numbers and tap on a specific booth for more information. 

Booths can be marked as visited or bookmarked in the app. These booths are then saved to alternate tabs in the exhibitor directory for easy access at a later time.

Once a booth is marked as visited or bookmarked, the color of the booth changes, as users are easily able to track the information in both the list view and on the interactive map itself. 

Individual booths contain a significant amount of exhibitor information such as contact info and company descriptions. Users are able to directly email the exhibitor, bookmark the information, or send the info to a notebook area to include additional notes from any meetings or interactions with the booth during an event.  

Company websites are also accessible via the information page and are opened inside of the app, which enable users to stay engaged and avoid leaving the app to open third-party web browsers. 

Booths may also be color coded to include sponsors and any other criteria needed. Our technology can accommodate any type of floorplan -- even split levels. 

For more information on our interactive exhibitor map and full lineup of event app features:

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