Benefits of Mobile Event App Sponsor & Exhibitor Listings

Posted by Matt Milloway on Sep 23, 2015

Mobile event app sponsor and exhibitor directories offer companies the chance to be listed and found by hundreds or thousands of attendees at meetings, conferences, and trade shows around the world. Those unable to attend the event may also access the mobile app to find and interact with listings. Many event planners and organizers, however, fail to take full advantage of mobile app providers who provide near unlimited potential to expand these directories with descriptions, full contact information, maps, and even marketing content such as PDF brochures and videos.

The ability to include a host of company information in a mobile app is a win-win for both the exhibitors and sponsors at the event, as well as end users who are attending the event and serve as potential leads or clients.

Features of Sponsor & Exhibitor Listings

Companies in mobile app sponsor and exhibitor lists may be sorted alphabetically or into categories and tiers based on industry type, sponsor level, or other criteria. The flexibility to dictate placement within a list—or to create multiple lists—gives event hosts added leverage to sell higher sponsorships and place preferred companies above the rest. Each detail view of a company or organization typically includes a combination of content listed below.

- title
- physical address
- email & phone
- website
- Google Map thumbnail of office location
- text description  
- list of related sessions or speakers
- PDF documents and presentations
- videos
- other marketing material

The ability to add PDFs, videos, or other marketing content significantly raises the value of the listing for both company and attendee beyond simply highlighting an overview of the company and its connections to the event.

Benefits to Companies

Providing the tools for companies to list a dynamic range of content to attendees is only half the battle; make sure to emphasize the benefits of including more than a company name in the mobile event app. The biggest benefit is of course additional content in front of app users, resulting in more engagement with attendees who are increasingly likely to visit an exhibitor booth, contact a sponsor, or become more educated due to absorbing information beyond what's available in paper programs—all of which generate more leads and conversions for the companies involved in the event. Compare companies who are providing a lot of content with those who are not and remind those on the fence their competitors and others around the industry are making much more available to attendees in the mobile app.

Untapped potential also exists to increase visibility through media personnel covering the event who offer free forms of publicity through writing articles and using quotes from marketing material. Potential leads or customers not attending the event, but who are using the app as a resource for contacts in making purchasing decisions, also reflect a significant reason to ensure companies are providing the most information possible.

Studies back up the fact providing the most exhibitor and sponsor information possible in an event app is highly beneficial to everyone involved. “Most B2B purchase decision makers and influencers use their smartphones to gather information when purchasing products and services", highlighting the importance of making information available in a mobile format for a seamless process from users educating themselves to making a final decision.

Benefits to the App Provider

The pros of providing complete sponsor and exhibitor listings also extend to the event host. While it might make sense to offer spots for PDF brochures and other marketing content to exhibitors or sponsors for free in certain situations, these perks often come with a price tag attached and can generate revenue—much like more traditional ad space in a mobile app. Increasing content in the event app also generates increased engagement by attendees and thus user retention. Last but not least, by providing a comprehensive listing of relevant companies in a given industry, the app turns into a year-round resource for attendees and even those not coming to the event. More users, who access the app more often, give event hosts a chance to get more face time and share their own content; consider integrating internal news, promotions, and social media to keep users updated on content outside of the event itself.

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