Use Mobile Event Apps to Recognize Attendees & Create Exclusivity

Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 19, 2015

Engaging attendees at events and throughout the year is increasingly easier with a mobile event app. Specifically targeting or incentivizing those who attended the event and downloaded the mobile app, however, receives less attention. Consider strategies to thank and recognize attendees through mobile apps to increase user retention, registration numbers, and discussion about the event.

Creating Exclusivity

Give attendees exclusive access to educational materials such as videos or PDFs directly in the mobile app. This approach may be extended to things like discounts, promo codes, and access to industry data of value to even those not attending the event. A large portion of the event app can still be open to the public at large, but creating an "attendee only" section not only makes those attending the event appreciate the valuable extras, but gives others a bigger incentive to register for the following year.

Valuable Giveaways

Interacting with registered attendees to determine great giveaways gets everyone excited and creates camaraderie amongst those at the event. Others learn about evergreen freebies and want a part of the action.

“Anyone attending a trade show can walk away with dozens of pens and notepads. The real value is in thoughtful giveaways with long-lasting appeal… Exhibitors and event planners can work together before the event to release an in-app survey asking attendees what type of giveaways they would most like to see. Get people talking about useful freebies in advance of the event and choose giveaways based on feedback”

Consider trying giveaways into valuable information such as abstracts or educational material provided in the mobile app. Is a keynote speaker’s groundbreaking research being provided in the mobile app? Consider giving away his most recent book at the event to tie everything together and give attendees value as they create takeaways from the meeting or conference.


Nearly every attendee has something to gain from publicity. Whether the added attention comes in the form of attendee spotlights on the event host’s blog or mentions during sessions, the willingness to promote attendees gives everyone a bigger incentive to show up excited and ready to network. While shining the spotlight on every attendee might not be feasible for bigger events, efforts to recognize a selection of people won’t go unnoticed. Consider highlighting new attendees in a newsletter or special part of the program, as well as major contributors and anyone with something new or unique to bring to the event.

Social Media

Companies or organizations with a strong following on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can leverage their audience to promote attendees. Use an interactive event app survey or live polling ask attendees to send a short message to event planners about themselves with any link or other pertinent information. Select a handful of attendees and promote them as an individual or brand by sharing their profile on social media and pointing attendees and others following the event to visit a website to learn more about a product or service. The added exposure—only available to attendees—reaches plenty of people around the industry and highlights a value-added perk for those attending the event.

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