Key Features & Benefits of Mobile Chat for Event Attendees

Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 31, 2016

Event attendees expect more personalized and interactive features at meetings, conferences, and trade shows. They also expect a native mobile event app to serve as a one-stop resource for all-things related to the big weekend; combining mobile chat with event apps provides the best of both worlds and enables attendees to instantly connect with their colleagues. 

Continue reading to learn more about mobile chat for event apps and how the feature can play a big role in improving the attendee experience at your next event. 

Mobile Chat Fills an Important Gap

Social media is great for communicating with others in a public space. Emails, on the other hand, might be personalized, but often get lost amongst all the spam cluttering inboxes and overwhelming most people with a work address. Both options fail to provide an event-only way to communicate that’s both personal and hard to miss.  

Mobile chat provides a win-win alternative with an interactive feature seamlessly integrated with an event app’s core set of features; attendees can browse event sessions, read PDF abstracts, and message a colleague without leaving the event experience. Furthermore, mobile chat for events alleviates the complexities of hunting down contact information or introducing an unknown phone number after sending that first text message. 

Combined with an event app’s comprehensive person directories for attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, everyone at the event can view bios and applicable sessions of their colleagues and choose to directly message whoever might make an impact on their networking efforts, lead generation, or other important goals at the event. 

How Mobile Chat for Events Works

Mobile chat for iPhone, iPad, and Android works much like traditional text messaging—only this time chats are contained within the event experience and incentivize attendees to use the app as their go-to resource before, during, and after the event. Users register a profile in the mobile app and login for access to other attendees in the chat area. Simply find a colleague, tap their name, and initiate a chat. All messages are stored in the mobile app for easy reference at a later date. 

Leverage Mobile Chat for Event Support 

Valuable use cases for mobile chat at events doesn’t end with attendee to attendee communication. Create an official profile for the event host—perhaps manned by multiple staff members at different points of the day—and advertise the channel as a way for attendees to instantly communicate with the hosts for questions, clarifications, and more. Give attendees the peace of mind event hosts are only seconds away instead of relying solely on a crowded registration booth only available at certain hours. 

mobile chat event support

Other Unique Benefits of Mobile Chat

Mobile chat can also be used to great effect for alternatives like gamification; make scavenger hunts and other team building exercises more interactive and fun by leveraging the mobile chat feature to connect attendees. Mobile chat is also evergreen and can spur attendees to communicate with one another before and after the event, which in turn boosts usage metrics and can increase ROI through sponsorships and other goals associated with the mobile app. 

The Bottom Line

Mobile chat for event apps continues to evolve the high levels of interactivity available to companies and organizations choosing to go mobile for their next meeting, conference, or trade show. Event hosts already using a mobile app can also reap the rewards of adding an exciting feature to share with attendees before the event begins. The value of any event for both the hosts and attendees can only increase by opening up new networking channels and ways for everyone to stay engaged. 

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