Using a Mobile App to Generate ROI for Conferences and Events

Posted by Mark Born on Jun 15, 2013

AppBurst mobile apps for events enable companies and organizations to produce an impressive return on investment, with iPhone, iPad, and Android apps geared towards maximizing sponsorship revenue and user retention. Providing a user base with app tools and updated content greatly increases user engagement and leads to more ROI opportunities such as charging vendors for push notifications and in-app sponsor features.

Learn more about the relationship between app features and generating impressive return on investment numbers below:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our mobile event apps offer a host of sponsor features aimed to help generate revenue. Through the use of strategically placed banner ads, takeover graphics, splash pages, and devoted sponsor pages, sponsorships help subsidize development costs and can even turn the mobile app into a profit center Keep your sponsors informed and able to measure ROI with a full range of app analytics during and after the event. The analytics provided by the AppBurst platform measure key statistics such as overall downloads, page views, and every interaction on every screen.

Push Notifications at the Event

The AppBurst Dashboard enables event organizers to send timely push messages to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Many of our clients have experienced great success generating revenue through selling push notifications to sponsor and exhibitor booths at events. The addition of push messaging as a form of promotion led to increased audiences at specific booths and was a significant benefit to both exhibitors and event organizers.

App Tools Customize the User Experience

Users are able to personalize their app experience with tools such as bookmarking, notes, font size adjustment, and much more. In creating a customizable experience for attendees, AppBurst-developed solutions become extremely marketable as both a medium to promote year-round sponsors and as a portal to reach a broad user base around the world for an organization’s own interests. Our development team can also create a custom tool specific to any organization or industry, greatly increasing the mobile app’s value and drawing users who were unable to attend the event. 

Updated Content Generates Higher User Retention

The ideal user keeps his or her mobile app installed on their device year-round, ready to receive new content and updates on next year’s event. To increase the number of these users, generate company updates, marketing materials, industry news, and other relevant content throughout the year.

A recent study by Flurry, one of the leaders in app analytics, links high user retention to specific application categories -- two of which are news and reference. By providing company updates and industry resources to users, retention numbers will remain high after the event, which translates to increased sponsorship opportunities and heightens the app’s overall popularity.

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