International Events: Three Questions to Ask Mobile App Developers

Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 13, 2014

Conferences are increasingly global affairs with attendees hailing from different countries and speaking a number of different languages. Mobile app development companies for iPhone, iPad, and Android event apps need to support the subtle differences between providing a mostly domestic event hosted in the United States and those located elsewhere with a largely international audience. Find out three of the most important considerations for an international event below:

Multi-Language Support

Even if the event is primarily in English, many attendees may feel more comfortable with menus and other functions of the event app in their native language, or perhaps even important content--supplied by the event hosts--available in multiple languages. Mobile app development companies with multi-language support give attendees this value-added benefit of recognizing the native language of the device and, if supported, defaults to this language for the attendee. Users are always able to go into the settings of the app and select a different supported language as needed.

Cloud Hosting

Internal company meetings at a corporate headquarters might not bring attendees from all over the world, but what if people are arriving at a major annual conference from all points of the globe? Mobile app development companies without a global content delivery network may be ill equipped to deliver the app to attendee’s devices, while those with a reliable cloud hosting--such as Amazon CloudFront--utilize servers all over the world to deliver app downloads and updates to individuals quickly and reliably before they even board their flight to attend the conference. Make sure the event app will be easily accessible to attendees across the world and that spikes in demand during the days leading up to the event won't cause any issues. 


While the majority of logistics surrounding mobile app development for domestic and international events are the same, the latter does involve a few intricacies warranting a partnership with a company experienced in providing mobile apps for international events. Consider a scenario where an event takes place in a time zone eight hours ahead of of the mobile app development company’s headquarters. Are resources in place to manage last-minute change requests or address any technical issues? Companies used to international events are more prone to check their inboxes after hours and generally be in tune with the unique needs associated with time zone differences.

On the same token, on-site support is a valuable asset to give event planners and organizers the peace of mind attendees are not only successfully downloading and using the app, but that content updates and issues may be addressed by an expert already at the event site. Does the mobile app development company offer to send a specialist to the conference in cases where event hosts need the additional help? Sending an employee for to events down the road is one thing, but the flexibility to coordinate with clients and provide a support specialist to events halfway around the world isn’t a given with all mobile app development companies.

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