Marketing Tips for Event Professionals & Targeting the Right Audience

Posted by Matt Milloway on Mar 16, 2016

Nearly every sales and marketing effort experiences a level of success by broadcasting a message repeatedly to its audience. The same holds true for event marketing and the law of averages means moderate success may be achieved without a developing a strategy. Yet every potential audience member isn't created equal in terms of impact on the meeting, conference, or trade show and targeting certain individuals or organizations affords event professionals the chance to exceed expectations and use resources wisely.


Understanding the specialties and strengths of speakers is important to not only line up an impressive collection of presenters at an event, but to market their qualities to attendees. Targeting a collection of potential and already committed attendees for emails and other communication highlighting the expertise of a speaker relevant to their specific niche in the industry is extremely helpful in generating buzz about the event. Also make sure to provide as much information as possible about the speaker in a mobile event app: add a Twitter handle, contact information, biography, scheduled sessions, and more.

Many prominent speakers also have a significant following; ask scheduled presenters to promote the event via social media and utilize their networks for marketing efforts.


Events tend to draw local newspapers and other outlets with no real tangible impact on public relations. By targeting niche blogs and publications that can reach a relevant audience, efforts to generate additional conversation about the event pays much bigger dividends. Create a unique spin on each pitch catered to the publication itself to show how the event will impact their readers. Simple attention to detail sets a correspondence apart from the pack.


Sponsors at an event typically have targeted audiences of their own. In lining up sponsors—both in the mobile event app and on signage around the facility—make sure to understand who each company wants to reach and why it's important. Help attract attendees who are valuable and make good prospects for those spending money to have a presence at the event. Working collectively to target specific types of attendees not only makes those attending the event have a better experience, but retains sponsors from one year to the next and reflects a win-win for everyone involved.

Social Media Outreach

Social media represents a powerful tool with the ability to reach millions of people around the world. Most marketing events for and surrounding an event, however, are much more targeted and need a fine-tuned approach. Want to generate buzz about a certain product or industry? Find social media groups devoted to the specific interest and tap into a more defined audience. Determine which hashtags are used for niche audiences (e.g. #eventprofs or #meetingprofs for event and meeting professionals) and integrate them into any messaging. Encouraging attendees and anyone else associated with the event to do the same.

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