How to Make Your Mobile Event App Relevant Throughout the Year

Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 08, 2012

Many mobile event apps are created for a company or organization's important annual conference, which generates great content once a year, but typically fails to bridge the gap between yearly events with new, relevant material for users. At AppBurst, we understand the lasting benefits of a mobile app past the event itself, working with clients to ensure users remain engaged from the moment one event ends until the next begins. Check out some examples below to better understand how tweaking app features after the event, along with a branding overhaul, can give your mobile app a fresh look and increase user retention through relevant, year-round content in iPhone event apps, iPad event apps, and Android event apps.

Updated Event App Branding & Welcome Letter

While this event app still retains most content from the 2012 Annual Meeting, note the revamped branding to remind users of 2013's registration, we well as an updated welcome letter overviewing next year's event and highlighting new features in the app such as presentations.

Event App Photo Integration

In addition to changing the branding and promoting next year's event, adding photos of the recently completed event will help entice users to revisit the app. Photos can be shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter -- helping generate additional buzz about the event as attendees share their experiences with family and friends. 

Post-Event Attendee List, Feedback & more

Notice the additional branding on the right-hand side of the app for next year's 2013 Annual Meeting. Conference photos, an attendee list, and feedback have also been added to the "event information" section of the app, all of which provide valuable post-event content to attendees and even those unable to attend the conference. 

Year-Round Exposure for Sponsors

Sponsors also remain relevant on a year-round basis in your event app. Make sure potential sponsors know your app remains on user's phone and is always available in the AppStore and Google Play on a year-round basis, enabling their brand to reach an engaged audience throughout the year. Your value-added content will help retain users, which ultimately leads to more exposure for sponsorships.


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