Control Event App Content with the AppBurst Dashboard Admin System

Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 29, 2012

Easily control the content of your mobile event app with the AppBurst Dashboard, an admin system with the functionality to add and edit content, change graphics, and send push messages for iPhone event apps, iPad event apps, and Android event apps. App analytics and survey responses are also viewable within the admin system, making the AppBurst Dashboard a comprehensive resource for your mobile event app needs.  

While the technical aspect is handled entirely by our development team, we understand the importance of giving our clients control over content to make last-minute changes to the event's agenda. Each Dashboard account it customized for your unique app and can be accessed via a computer or iPad before and throughout the event, enabling event planners and organizers to easily make content changes and keep the entire event program accurate and up-to-date. The Dashboard also includes a push messaging feature to provide timely alerts to user's phones. Room changes, scheduling delays, and any other updates, which are typically difficult to convey to attendees, becomes as easy as sending a text message with the use of the AppBurst Dashboard. 

Using an AppBurst-developed mobile app in conjunction with the Dashboard provides significant benefits over paper programs and other, less flexible mobile apps. Check out screenshots of the Dashboard below to see how the admin system can be used to edit content and much more: 

The Dashboard provides a user-friendly interface with a full tutorial and help buttons to assist in managing content. The left-hand menu offers easily access to the admin system's entire feature set.

Content items are categorized by type (i.e. agenda, people, exhibitors, etc) and displayed in lists organized by identifier. Any item can be found quickly via the search tool, while adding and editing content is accomplished by selecting the "add" or "edit" buttons. Simply fill out data fields or upload media files such as images and PDFs to complete and save a content item. Once changes have been made, select the "Publish Changes" button in the right-hand menu and the mobile app is immediately updated with new content. 

In addition to updating your event app's content, quickly and easily change the color scheme and graphics of the app. From swapping out sponsor graphics to tweaking accent colors, the Dashboard can easily manage the overall presentation of your mobile event app. 

Push messaging is a powerful tool, used primarily to alert users of scheduling changes and other important updates. The feature can also generate revenue for your company or organization, as sponsors can be charged a fee to send messages promoting their products or services. With the flexibility to send real-time messages to attendees before, during, and after an event, communication and user engagement are significantly improved -- all from the AppBurst Dashboard. 

Surveys generate valuable feedback for event planners and organizers, which can be used to gauge the success of the event and more importantly make improvements for the following year. The AppBurst Dashboard provides categorized results for feedback ranging from speaker and session-specific surveys to more general, open-ended Q&A's. 

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