AppBurst Launches iPhone Apps for Events Development Platform

Posted by Mike Haldas on Sep 01, 2010

AppBurst, a mobile application development company, today announced the launch of a specialized platform to build iPhone apps for events, conferences, and trade shows.  The first event app developed by AppBurst was approved by Apple today for inclusion in the app store.  The app is the TCT2010 conference app which was built for the cardiovascular research foundation.  The purpose of the app is to display information about the TCT2010 event such as the session schedule, participating exhibitors, key sponsors, local area things to do, and additional information about the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (the organization that founded and hosts this event).  

AppBurst has built both a native iPhone app as well as a mobile website for the event.  iPhone users will be able to download the native app for the event in the app store.  Users of Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile and any other type of smart phone can view the content on mobile formatted web pages using the web browser on their device.

Commenting on the launch of the TCT2010 mobile apps, Mike Haldas co-founder of AppBurst says, "We think that building mobile applications for events makes a lot of sense for us so we plan on specializing in this area.  The way that the AppBurst platform was built make it a great fit to build apps for events such as conferences and developing the TCT2010 app has given us the experience that we need to create a product specific for this industry.  Our implementation team is able to retrieve the necessary data and images from event organizers and marketing companies and AppBurst takes care of the rest.  We will be working on a native iPad and Android platform within the next few months.  For now, most of the demand that we see is for iPhone apps, but our goal is to enable apps on all devices using a single data source.  We are very excited about our future in this space."