AppBurst Featured in Special Events Magazine Discussing the Rise of Interactive Mobile App Features

Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 05, 2015

An article by AppBurst co-founder and lead software developer Rob Cartagine was recently featured in Special Events Magazine. The post focuses on the rise of interactive features in mobile events apps such as exhibitor maps, live polling, sponsor features, and user sign-in capabilities. The days of merely providing a digital version of an event's paper program are long gone, as the article details a number of interactive features event planners and organizers are able to utilize in an effort to better engage attendees at meetings, conferences, and trade shows.

Session and speaker surveys are great for collecting attendee feedback for demographic information and improving upon future events. Those answering questions in a mobile app, however, are unable to see real-time results and are less incentivized to partake without added motivation. A smaller level of engagement may suit some event planners wanting to collect data for internal use, yet the lack of real-time engagement hurts those aiming to interact with attendees during a session.

Consider an alternative scenario where attendees are prompted to answer a question or provide feedback during a keynote speech, demonstration, or other important session at an event where engagement is essential to making a lasting impression and ensuring information retention. Attendees enter results in their mobile app and are able to immediately see the results of their colleagues as the moderator or speaker uses the information to enhance the session. The interaction is also exclusive to those with a mobile app and only serves to enhance download numbers as those without an app don’t want to be left without the ability to interact with others and see valuable results.  

Read the entire article entitled "The Rise of Interactive Features in Mobile Events Apps".

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