Increase Users by Generating App Content Before the Event

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 24, 2014

Driving user engagement in a mobile event app represents an important year-round process. Start well before the event to ensure attendees and even those not attending the event view the app as a must-have resource, leading to a higher user base. Other benefits include a better potential to generate ad revenue and reach people for event-related content, marketing efforts, and more. Increasing app content also drives more traffic to related websites and social media pages, resulting in a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Publish Organization and Industry-Specific News

industry-specific newsFrom press releases and company news pages to informal blogs and industry information, most companies and organizations provide some form of constantly updated content to its website audience. Utilize the mobile app to showcase the same content and provide another reason for users to download and access the app on a regular basis. RSS feeds are easily integrated into a mobile app and will automatically update as content is added to the site, leaving no additional maintenance for webmasters or event planners.

Utilize Major Exhibitors

major exhibitorsBeyond publishing company or organizational news and any useful industry resources, contact exhibitors who have RSS feeds or other sources of information that may be relevant to users of the event app. Offer to showcase their resources and create a directory of news and link to easily promote the event app as a go-to industry resource for updates. The suggestion to include exhibitor or even sponsor news in the app may also be a way to gain additional revenue, as many companies will gladly pay for more exposure to a user base guaranteed to find their information relevant.

Social Media

social mediaPromoting the app and event through social media is a no-brainer, but using the powers of Facebook, Twitter, and more to simply give users pertinent information around the year is a great way to engage a user base. While many app users may already be following a social media account, the ability to integrate every account into one app is much more effective than expecting a user to consistently track new videos, pictures, links, and updates across a handful of 3rd-party social media apps. Create a one-stop resource for social media and take advantage of the ability to reach out to users.

Additional Benefits

reader accessible toolBeyond driving additional users to the app through increased content, consider less obvious benefits that may prove extremely notable before, during, and after the event. From large media outlets all the way down to part-time bloggers, those interested in the event's industry are always looking for new article ideas and happenings to promote to their reader base. Providing press releases and other news in the app gives the writers an easily accessible tool to pull quotes and find the information they need to indirectly promote the event and organization involved.

Last but not least, more information in the app leads to smarter attendees who will not only view the app more often, but come away more educated on the exhibitors they want to visit and so forth. Better prepared attendees leads to a better event and ultimately pays dividends to everyone involved. 

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