Evolving Trade Shows and the Role of Mobile Event Apps

Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 15, 2016

The evolving landscape of trade shows means more and more attendees expect technology to play a role in their event experience. Millennials are quickly becoming decision makers for their companies and organizations with different expectations; a greater emphasis on mobile event apps is vital to ensure better ROI for everyone involved.

Continue reading to better understand how the role of mobile event apps enable trade show hosts to provide the best experience possible for not only their own goals, but the needs of attendees and exhibitors who ultimately determine the success of an event. 

Technology is Now an Expectation

Technology at events used to be classified as a new fad or “trending” addition, yet today’s trade shows require technology integration to stay even with the competition. The ability for attendees to quickly identify booths via interactive exhibitor maps, network with colleagues, and add sessions to digital calendars are all possible with mobile event apps and presumed to be a part of every event. 

Paper programs are replaced with a digital experience able to follow attendees before and after the event for total immersion in trade show content. 

Millennials are Becoming Decision Makers

Return attendees are increasingly becoming the decision makers for their companies. These attendees are also more likely to be millennials who prioritize a seamless mobile experience in their daily lives—an expectation that includes their event experiences. 

impact decision makers at trade shows

While face-to-face networking and physically attending events are still important, the ability to parlay these experiences into a digital networking and information resource available 365-days a year is vital. So too is the ability to create memorable content and moments that live exclusively in a mobile environment such as live polling and must-have PDF abstracts

The Shelf Life of Trade Shows are Extended

Even the most compelling trade show is prone to a short shelf life without technology. Everything from webinars and abstract libraries to post-event surveys and sustained communication via push alerts gives attendees big reasons to remember a trade show well into the future. 

Other events inevitably compete for each attendee’s attention; ensure lessons learned, networking opportunities, and registration reminders for next year’s event don’t fall on deaf ears by continuing to provide value in the form of a mobile event app. The concept of a year-round event app is increasingly popular with trade show planners and offers the most flexibility moving forward.  

Everyone Expects Greater ROI 

Everyone from exhibitors to attendees expect better ROI from their events; a disappointing weekend often leads to switching registrations to another event in subsequent years. Trade show hosts also rely on robust return on investment numbers to justify the rising cost of events. 

Mobile technology helps everyone involved quickly connect with what’s most important and engage with information on products and services. Exhibitors are able to quickly find qualified leads and attendees can instantly hone in on the perfect exhibitor—along with contact information, website links, and documentation. Finally, information can be bookmarked and saved in a resource readily accessible 24/7. 

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