Creative Ways to Generate Additional Event App Sponsor Revenue

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 25, 2014

Traditional banners ads, splash pages, and even push messages are great sources of revenue for event apps, yet mobile technology offers a nearly unlimited number of additional methods to monetize an app and enjoy increasing returns on investment. Coupled with an open mind to seek out alternate sponsor sources, the ability to be flexible and actively paint a mobile app as a dynamic tool capable of promoting a range of products and services is beneficial for all event planners and organizers.

sponsor and exhibitor pollingSponsor and Exhibitor Polling

Session and speaker feedback may be beneficial for event planners, but utilizing a mobile app’s survey feature for exhibitors and sponsors represents untapped potential to generate additional revenue. Attendees at meetings and conferences are not only potential leads, but a source of useful market feedback. Multiple choice surveys, contact info forms, or open-ended response questionnaires all provide valuable data to companies and organizations at the event. Promote the app as an interactive tool for acquiring a wide range of information and charge accordingly.

hotels and restaurants iconPromote Hotels and Restaurants

Exhibitors and other organizations attending an event represent the traditional targets of ad space in a mobile app. Hotels and restaurants affiliated with or near the event, however, are a seldom used source for sponsor revenue and have a lot to gain by promoting their goods and services to attendees. Contact local companies and offer to include names, contact info, and even menus or coupons in a section of the mobile app in exchange for ad revenue or perhaps a bulk discount for event food and lodging. The location of hotel and restaurant information in the app may be as simple as a couple of lines under event logistics or a dedicated section with images, PDFs and more.

Sponsorship packagesMultiple Sponsorship Packages

Selling exclusive sponsorship packages may be difficult for every event. Instead of one sponsor using all available ad real estate, break up the splash page into quadrants or use rotating banner ads, offering each sponsor visibility in the app at a lower cost. The combined revenue from all sponsors may also end up being higher than simply selling the space to one company. Unlike print material with often standardized and static spaces for ads, going mobile enables event organizers and planners to be creative with the number of ads, placement, and timing.

sponsor videoOpening Sponsor Video

An opening splash screen video is an eye-catching alternative to traditional images and offers a sponsor the chance to showcase their products or services to attendees. By offering an introductory video, sponsors are assured every user of the app views their ad’s engaging message geared specifically to attendees of the event. The video may also reference other sections in the app such as a session or exhibitor listing, drawing out the experience even longer and maximizing ad potential. Educating potential sponsors on the ability to tie together related sections of the app represents yet another selling point.

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