WiFi Considerations & Best Event App Experiences: AppBurst Featured on TSNN

Posted by Matt Milloway on Dec 22, 2014

An article written by AppBurst co-founder and lead software developer Rob Cartagine was recently published on the Trade Show News Network (TSNN). The blog post discusses the tricky logistics behind WiFi at meetings, conferences, and trade shows and how to ensure the best possible experience for attendees -- all with an emphasis on mobile app usage. The following article excerpt highlights the benefits of native mobile apps at events:

"Unlike mobile websites, native mobile apps often utilize content caching to ensure users are able to enjoy access to core event material like the program agenda, exhibitor listings, and speaker bios regardless of internet connectivity. Content caching simply means data is downloaded and saved to user’s devices during the initial installation of the app. Pre-event marketing through e-blasts, social media, and branded event web pages incentivizing users to download the app in advance not only guarantees greater engagement during the event and a higher user base, but gives attendees the majority of app content on their device without concerns about Wi-Fi access. Even PDF documents can be bundled with the initial app download to give attendees access to abstracts and presentations during a flight or other periods of internet downtime."

Read the entire article here: "Wi-Fi Considerations to Ensure a Smooth Event App Experience"

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