Useful Event Tips for Attendees

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 25, 2017

Attendees are integral to an event's success. While a mobile app often takes center stage in discussing attendee engagement at your meeting, conference, or trade show, it's important to remember the overall attendee experience as well and how big-picture ideas go a long way in ensuring everyone leaves satisfied. Continue reading for a selection of pro tips aimed at improving your attendee's experience and return on investment. 

Make a To-Do List

Large conferences and trade shows can be overwhelming affairs with hundreds of exhibitors and sessions vying for attendee’s attention. Take a deep breath and come up with a list of priorities. What are the most important ten vendors to see? Is the ultimate goal of the weekend to network with peers in the industry or generate leads? Determining priorities and developing a related to-do list provides the best returns on investing the time and energy it takes to attend an event and helps narrow the focus down to achievable goals, leaving less to chance.

Network in Advance

Many events welcome industry leaders as keynote speakers and presenters who are influential and of great benefit to nearly every attendee. Time is limited, however, and plans to network are best implemented well before the event. Consider making contact with people a few weeks in advance of the event to serve as an introduction and mention any plans to attend his or her session. Even without a specific meeting setup, arrive early to the session in hopes of catching the speaker instead of joining the lines after the period ends.

Collaborate with Coworkers

A lot of companies and organizations send a team of coworkers to an event—especially if the meeting or conference is very specific to the industry and contains plenty of networking opportunities or chances to become better educated on evolving trends. Delegating responsibilities helps to maximize efficiency and ensure tasks don’t overlap. While some might be better in-person networkers, others may love attending sessions and taking legible notes the entire team can use. Spreading tasks around the group also alleviates the stress associated with cramming too many tasks into a narrow window.

Maximizing Benefits

Attendees rarely attend every session and happening at an event. Instead, choices are made based on individual interests and priorities. Research topics in advance by browsing speaker blog posts, educational videos, and related industry articles. Use social media to take the pulse of other attendees and determine what sessions and topics are priorities. Always be mindful of networking opportunities—even in the short windows immediately before and after a session ends.

The last day of a trade show or conference containing exhibitors is often the worst time to network and learn about different vendors, as many are already tired, packing up, or left with a smaller staff. Head to the exhibit hall early—ideally on the first day—to enjoy the enthusiasm and easy networking opportunities typically more available at the onset of events. Mobile apps with interactive exhibitor maps makes this process much easier by marking booths as visited or bookmarked to visit in the future. 

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