Build & Leverage Your Mobile Event App's Social Network

Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 17, 2016

Many event planners assume social networking in a mobile app equates to social media usage. While using the powers of Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are indeed one factor in leveraging a social network, the ability to stimulate discussions and build a community through mobile apps extends to other features as well. 

Continue reading to better understand the relationship between a number of valuable mobile event app features and how social network is best cultivated at a meeting, conference, or trade show. 

Examples of Social Network Features 

Speaker & Attendee Profiles 

Perhaps the best feature in a mobile event app to build social networks is speaker and attendee profiles. Consider the value of a searchable directory of colleagues; people attending the event are able to quickly find anyone who might be of interest, browse their bios and relevant sessions, and connect directly via email to say hello or schedule a one-on-one meeting during down time. 

Person profiles add unparalleled value to attendees who typically prioritize information gathering and networking at an event. By promoting the feature early and encouraging attendees to use the directory as their go-to networking resource, a mobile event app becomes a must-have tool and serves to build an event’s social network to new heights. 

Social Media Integration 

Social media does play an important role in mobile event apps. For starters, the feature can be integrated with speaker and attendee profiles to share personal information with others and connect to a colleague’s social media account. Social media also gives attendees a voice and helps create the right atmosphere well before the event begins. 

Encourage attendees to access social media in the event app and promote a consistent hashtag for the happening. Intermix fun and informative posts, respond to all comments, and press for these digital forms of communication to translate into better conversations at the event. Attendees must get used to talking to one another and building a community on social media well before the conference, meeting, or trade show arrives. 

Live Polling

The most forgotten-about forms of social network building include live polling. While the feature is popular for generating real-time feedback and adding interactivity to a session, live polling is also a perfect way to cultivate a social network. 

Building a Community

Planting seeds are important to stimulate conversations and use a mobile app to build social networks. Never expect attendees to take the initiative—instead, make a list of the mobile app features ripe for community building and determine how to best start the conversation. 

Initiate posts on social media, send push alerts to notify users of the attendee and speaker directories, and incentivize users to answer live polling questions. Also, remember to always welcome new contributors to the community. 

Long-Term Benefits

Creating a sustainable community of mobile event app users provides attendees the networking they crave in a welcoming environment. The ability to make connections ensures attendees never leave an event empty-handed and incentivizes everyone to return the following year. 

The benefits also extend to event hosts; a must-have resource for building and maintaining an event social network becomes a year-round form of content engagement. Leverage this resource to promote products and services, gather demographic information or leads, and generate ROI through sponsorship dollars. 

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