Best Event Industry Articles: Volume 9

Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 13, 2017

AppBurst’s “Best Event Industry Articles” series aims to share insight related to the event industry from around the internet with a focus on mobile technology. Content sources range from event industry-specific blogs to major technology websites and everything in between. Along with original Apps For Events blog posts, we hope these summaries serve to better educate our readers on mobile technology and the many benefits of event apps.

Volume 9’s articles originate from TSNN, Meetings and Conventions Magazine, Business 2 Community, and Event Manager Blog.

New Research Report Details Exhibitor and Sponsor Opportunities at Events

TSNN's recent Research Report details effective strategies and tactics at events for exhibitors and sponsors. One key takeaway is the fact:

“Exhibitors are asking more questions regarding the value of participating in the show. They are responding by getting more information regarding the audience, endorsements from current exhibitors, and sharing post survey results.” (Read More.)

How can mobile apps help event planners provide these valuable answers and in turn generate better ROI for everyone involved? 

Mobile event apps act as a two-way street between attendees, sponsors, exhibitors on one side and event hosts on the other side. Ask audiences key questions via live polling, collect demographic information with interactive surveys, and use analytics to determine popular exhibitors and other event content. Much of this information can also be shared back to the mobile event app's user base to shed light on key statistics companies need to make big decisions and invest in your event year after year. 

Use App Metrics to Boost Give Your Next Event a Boost

Insights by Meetings and Conventions Magazine shares how mobile app metrics greatly enhance the event experience for everyone involved: 

"Event apps are becoming more prevalent, but are users tracking the right metrics? Apps capture attendee data that can provide the event organizer with valuable insights on what's working (or not working) at the event." (Read More.)

What devices do your attendees use to engage in your content? Do you know the most popular sessions and speakers? Mobile event app analytics drive future decisions to improve the event experience and ensure attendees keep coming back for more. A good mobile app provider offers comprehensive analytics with every event app and makes sure event planners know how to find the best nuggets of gold. 

Mobile Apps are a Leader in Trade Show Technology Trends

A recent Business 2 Community blog post cites mobile event apps as one of the leading technology trends at trade shows:

"Smartphones dominate trade shows. Adding to the idea of mobility, a successful form of marketing your trade show booth, is by creating a mobile application to use in conjunction with the event. Capitalizing on the short time frame of the show is critical... You can even design an app to send push notifications when your stand is nearby." (Read More.)

Technology trends are constantly evolving at trade shows. The popularity and importance of mobile event apps, however, has been sustained in recent years due to their ability to integrate seamlessly with attendee devices and provide a host of useful content features like scheduled push alerts and mobile chat for event attendees.  

Keeping the Momentum of Mobile Event Apps

Mobile app usage has surged in recent years. Attendees expect their conferences, meetings, and trade shows offer an event app with personalized and interactive features. Event planners in turn must ensure momentum from what was once considered a new trend doesn't fade. 

A post on Event Manager Blog post shares five tips to keep attendees engaged. Personalizing the experience and generating ROI are natural suggestions—so too is the need to facilitate better networking: 

"This is exactly why a mobile app should be vital for your event. Ensure it comes with a networking solution... which is often the primary reason why they came to your event and trusted you." (Read More.)

Leveraging contact directories and social media in a mobile event app ensures colleagues are always accessible with a few taps of your mobile event app. Consider promoting the power of networking as a way to sustain the momentum of a mobile event app beyond the obvious benefits like sharing a digital version of the event program with attendees. 

For more information on how mobile apps and the event industry: