How Mobile Apps Drive Every Step of Event Engagement

Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 29, 2016

A recent white paper by Event Manager Blog emphasizes using interactivity to drive engaging events. While an eight-part plan includes choosing the right technology, the other seven elements greatly benefit from choosing sound technology and more specifically a flexible, feature-rich mobile event app. 

Continue reading to find out how mobile event apps enable engagement at every step of the process—from audiences buying into the event to utilizing facilitators and everything in between. 

Attendee Approval

Attendees need to feel invested in the event process. Luckily, event planners are increasingly labeling “the guest as a participant, suggesting an active involvement, rather than a passive attendee. Involving your audience as co-creators is the first and best step all event planners should take throughout the whole event planning process.”

attendee satisfaction mobile event apps

Initiating pre-event surveys in a mobile event app for everything ranging from preferred caterers and networking activities to feedback for upcoming speakers and presentations goes a long way in giving attendees a voice. 

A Sense Community

Attendees also need to feel a sense of togetherness: 

“Tools which can bring together your community before, during and after the event are extremely valuable. Annual successful events are striving for year-round engagement, it isn’t just something that can come together on the day of the event or be an afterthought.”

Mobile event apps enable attendees to quickly search and connect with one another via contact directories; users are able to connect on social media, send direct emails, and even utilize in-app destination guides to plan impromptu meet-ups during downtime. 

The Design Factor

The next step to ensure a highly engaging event is to “think about all the touchpoints and opportunities to enhance co-creation, interaction and networking. By creating a sharing structure all parties involved can get more from the event if they are actively involved.”

Much of this strategy comes down to event design and how easily attendees are able to enjoy sessions with their peers. Mobile event app features such as live polling and gamification gives everyone a voice in real-time and can spur discussion in larger presentations or smaller workshops. 

Environment & Infrastructure

The white paper also tells event planners to “make sure the venue doesn’t limit or obliterate your tech decisions. The WiFi failing is the most common issue.” While a solid WiFi plan should always be in place, mobile event apps with content caching enables attendees to access core data without connectivity. Ensure attendees are able to view session details and speaker information, as well as navigate the exhibition hall, without a heavy reliance on internet.  

Pre-Event Marketing

Perhaps the biggest pro tip of all is the importance of pre-even marketing:

“The more successful you are at creating a buzz around your event the greater the engagement level potential tends to be for the event itself and the lower the drop out rate.”

Consider the impact of mobile event app push alerts and other interactive means of communication to reach attendees well before the event. Also plan to tease must-read PDF abstracts or can’t-miss keynote speakers and share photos from last year’s event months before the meeting, conference, or trade show to generate as much anticipation as possible. 

Involving all Stakeholders

The experts putting together Event Manager Blog’s white paper also know if “your sponsors, exhibitors and partners take a back seat they will not get the most from their investment, so as event planners we need to inspire them to get involved before, during and after the event.”

promote event sponsors mobile appsMobile event apps offer a plethora of features tailor-made to sponsors and exhibitors. The former can take advantage of splash pages, banner ads, and dedicated sponsor sections in the app, while the latter can enjoy exposure in the exhibitor listings and interactive map. 

Consider offering both exhibitors and sponsors more face time with attendees through timely push messages or listing upgrades that include downloadable PDF brochures, logos, and more.

Utilizing a Facilitator

Finally, a skilled facilitator needs to “keep everything on track and closely aligned with event objectives.” Give a key member of the team access to a mobile app’s content management system to send push alerts for room changes and other scheduling updates, as well as to make general content updates and manage aspects like live polling and surveys.