Receive the Best Results from Mobile Event App Surveys

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 06, 2016

Interactive mobile app surveys for events enable planners and organizers to generate significant amounts of attendee data from iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Many event hosts, however, fail to gather as many responses as possible, effectively utilize the feedback from surveys, or a combination of both shortcomings. Learn how to acquire the most responses possible to survey questions in a mobile event app and how to best leverage the data.

Avoid Impersonal Event Survey Criteria

Mobile apps afford event hosts a number of conveniences unavailable to paper programs for gathering feedback. One example is the ability to ask pointed questions on a session or speaker-specific basis to every attendee or even a segmented group of individuals.

Dig a little deeper and ask relevant questions to the right audience; avoid generic questions providing information accessible at registration or canned criteria that seldom illicits a detailed response. Attendees expect a level of personalization with every element of their mobile technology and interactive event app surveys should be no different.   

Set Official Deadlines for Survey Responses & Offer Incentives

Establish expectations with a firm cut-off date for submitting survey answers and likewise promote a day to release results to build anticipation and spur more people to submit feedback. Consider emailing reminders, as well as sending push messages directly in the mobile app, to alert attendees of the deadline and generate more responses. Offering incentives such as drawings or giveaways to those responding by the deadline is another simple strategy to increase feedback.

Share Survey & Questionnaire Feedback

Promoting a day to release selected survey results also helps increase engagement. Attendees who answer questions typically like to see aggregate results out of curiosity at a minimum or due to a vested interest in the outcome. Give attendees a reason to answer survey criteria by not only sharing answers; simply hoarding data without communication provides less incentives for users to spend time answering questions.

Maintain Certain Survey Questions Year-Round

In many cases it makes sense to keep survey questions accessible on a year-round basis. Perhaps the questions aren’t directly related to an event, but aimed at generating demographic data or contact information from attendees or even those not attending the event. Make sure to differentiate between the two types of surveys (i.e. immediate results vs. evergreen questionnaires) and think of ways to incentivize those who answer the year-round surveys—regardless of when the feedback is submitted. 

Prove Survey Results Matter

Did one speaker receive overwhelmingly positive feedback? Was a certain type of session considered less than ideal by the majority of attendees? Make sure to address both the positive and negative feedback with tangible action to ensure attendees feel compelled to continue providing answers to survey questions in subsequent years. Write blog posts and case studies and share progress on social media when significant changes are made due to attendee responses. Create a sense amongst everyone involved engagement is a two-way street. 

Leverage Event App Survey Data

Mobile app content management systems often display survey results via charts and tables with little effort needed to glean basic information. Yet the ability to truly manipulate data for advanced statistical analysis is often only possible outside the CMS and enables event hosts to export the data for use in Microsoft Excel or other software aimed at crunching numbers on a mass scale. Make sure the data is flexible and can be utilized however it’s needed to achieve any company or organizational goals. 

The Bottom Line

Information derived from mobile app interactive surveys at conferences, meetings, and trade shows offer invaluable feedback for event planners and organizers, but only if the data is used correctly and results are shared with attendees in a manner that incentivizes even more engagement. Take survey results seriously with a solid strategy in place to reap the rewards—both improving next year’s event and understanding attendees unlike ever before. 

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