Managing Event App Content With Limited Time or Resources

Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 09, 2016

Event planners and organizers are often overwhelmed with responsibilities leading up to a meeting or conference. Limited resources and time might lead many companies to believe developing a mobile event app is out of the question—even with the benefit of a content management system to efficiently upload and organize data. A lack of days or manpower is seldom a true impediment to finishing a mobile app project on time, however, as another option exists for clients to shift the responsibilities of data entry to seasoned specialists already involved in the app development process. 

Continue reading to find out more about preparing data and organizing content for a mobile app development company's assistance in the data entry process, as well as what to expect regarding timeline and expectations to produce a fully functioning and content-ready mobile app before the big day arrives. 

Data Preparation 

Event content not already inputted into a CMS might exist in a highly organized Excel spreadsheets, jumbled Word documents, a combination of the two, or something else entirely. While it doesn’t make sense to spend countless hours changing the structure or format of event data before the process of uploading content begins, provide clear labels within content, accurately name files, and generally make it as easy as possible for data entry specialists to find and manipulate content.

A highly organized and consistent collection of data takes less time and is prone to fewer errors—both in terms of misinterpreting poorly labeled content and overcoming formatting issues. Picture someone without specific knowledge of the event opening up a folder of files containing everything from sessions to speaker bios and make sure the workflow to access the data makes sense.

Organization of Content

Sharing a complete navigation structure—or outline of the app’s content hierarchy—with mobile app developers is integral regardless of how data is being populated. The importance is magnified, however, when other individuals are inputting data. Consider the fact no one knows the content of an event app as well as event planners or organizers—not to mention the priorities of attendees and other important criteria. 

By detailing specifics like session categories and the order of content with supplemental areas (i.e. 1. Welcome Letter, 2. FAQs), the data input specialists are able to quickly take the supplied content, upload the data, and assign it to the right spot in the app. Think of the navigation structure as a roadmap used by those less familiar with content specific to a meeting, conference, or trade show.

Timelines and Expectations

A big benefit of reaching an agreement for data entry is a more realistic outlook as to when content will be ready in the mobile app. Event planners and organizers bearing the load of data entry often get sidetracked by other responsibilities and find themselves up against deadlines to get content ready before the app is submitted. Individuals on the development team, however, often dedicate full days to data entry and with prior experience adding data to other apps, are able to better estimate the timeline and set expectations to ensure the app is ready to meet any deadlines.

The Bottom Line

A number of options exist to give event planners and organizers the chance to seamlessly connect existing event content to a mobile app or to quickly and efficiently upload and manage content themselves such as Smaller organizations, as well as development projects with short turnaround times or large amount of content, may still greatly benefit from working with a flexible mobile app development company offering support for data entry.

Event planners and organizers are still able to manage content once the initial data is uploaded, send push messages, track app analytics, and all other perks associated with mobile event apps such as editing content at the last minute and engaging with attendees. The ability to focus on other elements of event planning during the build up to the event simply gives everyon involved a great option to call upon if needed.

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