Energize Meetings & Conferences with Mobile Event App Features

Posted by Matt Milloway on Dec 12, 2016

Annual events often suffer by failing to provide unexpected twists or new features to keep attendees excited and returning year after year. Mobile apps, however, give event planners a tool to re-energize their meetings, conferences, and trade shows and engage attendees through valuable, timely content and networking opportunities. Learn what big-picture benefits mobile apps afford events to better interact with attendees and improve the experience for everyone involved. 

A mobile event app serves to….

Build Anticipation

Mobile event app features such as push notifications enable event planners to promote teasers to attendees with hints at speaker topics, giveaways, and other items meant to build anticipation for the event. A destination guide to the event locale also gets people excited about nearby dining and attractions. Finally, mobile event apps are able to leverage social media integration to publish pictures from last year’s event and other tidbits to renew interest in returning attendees and show new arrivees what they’ll soon enjoy. 

Provide Content Curation 

Attendees in the past were forced to juggle hefty paper programs, follow-up emails, and access to 3rd-party sites hosting webinars and other event media. A mobile event app offers flexibility to host a wide range of content types; attendees thus receive a curated and diverse experience at the event. Everything from podcasts and videos to PDF documents and speaker directories serve to engage a number of different senses and priorities for attendees—all conveniently in one spot branded and managed by the event host. 

Improve Collaboration 

Collaboration through interactive mobile app features serves to both help attendees network and retain more information. Event hosts are able to increase engagement and potentially glean more information from their attendees in the process. 

mobile event app collaboration engagement

Urge attendees to participate in sessions through interactive surveys and live polling features readily available in mobile event apps. Social media also gives event planners an easy forum to initiate contests and get attendees to know one another. Contact directories with in-app emailing features and value-added extras such as city guides and note-taking also give everyone involved a chance to reach out to their colleagues, find an after-hours meetup spot, and take notes in the process. 

Extend Conversations

Create initiatives to drive more content to the mobile app in the weeks following the event. One idea is to suggest speakers post follow-up content to the mobile app such as a copy of the presentation notes or supplementary abstracts. Webinars of key sessions are also extremely popular and easily managed in a mobile app environment. So too are contests where attendees post their favorite moment or most important takeaway to social media with a designated hashtag—all of which populates in the app and extends the conversation. 

Measure Results 

Leverage mobile app analytics to better understand attendee preferences behind the scenes and document key stats like app downloads, retention, and average time of engagement. Event planners can also view the most popular content sections or individual pages within the app to see correlations between promotion and content consumption. 

Interactive surveys also should not be limited to the event itself. Send follow-up questionnaires after the event to get attendee takes on a number of important topics and ask for feedback. Post some of the most popular or talked-about feedback and show everyone involved you’re considering changes for next year to enable attendees and boost the value of users actively participating in app features. 

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