Use Post-Event Blog Posts in a Mobile App to Sustain Meeting or Conference Engagement

Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 03, 2016

Post-event attendee engagement often focuses on social media and event app content like interactive surveys and PDF documents. Yet taking advantage of an existing online blog—integrated with the mobile event app—can serve to sustain the momentum generated during a meeting, conference, or trade show and even generate new audiences. 

Continue reading to learn how leveraging blog posts after the event should be part of an overall strategy to engage attendees year-round

Publish Timely Post-Event Recaps 

Social media and other forms of traditional post-event engagement fail to capture bigger ideas tailor-made for blogging. Consider publishing recaps of important event happenings immediately after attendees return home: Topics to consider include a running list of excerpts from keynote speeches, fun summaries of networking events, and in-depth insight into lessons learned. 

The recaps can be made available on a mobile event app and updated seamlessly with an organization’s official website via RSS feeds or other data feeds. 

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Encourage Attendees to Contribute 

Social media and interactive surveys both offer drawbacks to post-event feedback: The former isn’t conducive to long-form, evergreen conversations and the latter isn’t really a conversation—proving difficult for attendees to consume detailed information from their peers. 

Blog posts with commenting enabled, however, enables readers to actively comment, respond to others, and engage in lengthy conversations all available for others to track. The conversation also draws other people to the website and can stimulate a trickle-down effect to more leads, sponsor ROI, or both. 

Add Valuable Resources 

Embed webinars or include downloadable PDF documents into blog post articles to provide extra value and entice more attendees to read and share the content. Survey and live polling results—often derived from attendee feedback in the mobile event app—are also much easier to display in a blog post format. 

Consider what information is most valuable to attendees and emphasize these elements in blog posts. Share the blog posts and the accompanying valuable extras on social media and track how everything ties together. 

Re-Use Existing Media to Great Benefit  

Already posting fun photos to Instagram or engaging event videos to YouTube? Repurposing these items in blog posts gives event hosts a ready-made resource for content extras to add life to an article. The more a blog post writer can connect with existing content elsewhere (e.g. social media) not only makes his or her job easier, but incentivizes readers to click through and continue engaging in content. 

The Bottom Line

Event planners and organizers often forget about blogging after the event and fail to realize articles can just as easily become an integral part of post-event content in a mobile app. Utilizing an article’s flexibility—both in length and content—enables attendees to consume information in a different and often more engaging light. 

For more information on utilizing post-event blog posts and how the content can be integrated into your mobile event app: