Best Event Industry Articles: Volume 3

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 02, 2015

AppBurst’s “Best Event Industry Articles” series aims to share insight related to the event industry from around the internet with a focus on mobile technology. Content sources range from event industry-specific blogs to major technology websites and everything in between. Along with original Apps For Events blog posts, we hope these summaries serve to better educate our readers on mobile technology and the many benefits of event apps.

Volume 3 articles come from Search Engine Journal, TSNN, Event Manager Blog, and Velvet Chainsaw Consulting.

Promoting Products & Services at Events

Need best practices for promoting products and services at events? A comprehensive guide on Search Engine Journal outlines a number of key considerations and many either directly or indirectly involve mobile event apps. Highlights include needing to “create a landing page, microsite, or app dedicated to the event” and “invite attendees to use the hashtag that you create specifically for the event.”

Many mobile app development companies provide a branded landing page with event details and direct links to the event app download—often with the ability to recognize a user’s device to direct him or her to the appropriate app store. Enabling users to quickly install the app and begin interacting on social media with a hashtag to promote event happening offers unprecedented options for event planners and organizers to promote the event.

“Don’t forget to update your event app.”

Give attendees access to useful updates in the form of PDF documents, videos, and other evergreen resources after the event ends to sustain an engaged user base. More users around the year means more sponsor dollars and easier ways to connect with attendees when the time is right to promote next year’s event, as well as products and services.

Better Connect with Trade Show Audiences

From thinking small to not being overly pushy when attendees visit a booth, a recent TSNN blog post points out a number of keys to connect with trade show audiences with an emphasis on organic connections over big presentations and salesmanship.

“Hand out items that would matter to your audience, such as signed books by an industry leader or another product that would mean something to your audience and can’t be thrown away.”

Ditch the generic event throwaways like pens and notepads and instead combine something of real value with a mobile event app promotion strategy to generate additional buzz. Promote the valuable prizes and giveaways by tweeting a message about the item along with "#event2015" or whatever other hashtag is being promoted. The message may then appear in the mobile event app's official Twitter feed alongside other messages discussing the event. With everyone already using the mobile app as a go-to resource for session information, exhibitors, and event logistics, the social media integrations—along with push alerts—serve to capture attendee’s attention in the app and provide real-time engagement.  

Ask Bigger Questions About Attendees

Jeff Hurt at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting published yet another insightful post—this time urging event planners and organizers to not simply look at analytic information, but ask bigger questions. In short; mobile event app analytics give companies and organizations powerful tools to track attendee activity at an event and serves as a foundation for answering a lot of important questions, yet knowing something like the most popular session isn’t nearly as helpful without context.

“We need to dig deeper than our survey responses of networking, education and business leads as the why people attend conferences. Why did they want education? Why did they want to network? What type of leads are they seeking?”

What made a session or other event happening so popular and useful is key to replicating the experience in subsequent events. Consider implementing post-event interactive surveys in the mobile event app and incentivize attendees to submit answers. Dig deeper into why certain trends and statistics appear to better understand attendee rationale. A long term benefit of this approach is the ability to not only invite the same popular speaker back, but find other, similar speakers offering the same traits or information that created all the excitement in the first place.

Common Trade Show Mistakes

A recent Event Manager Blog article highlights multiple mistakes exhibitors make to negatively impact trade show success. Unsurprisingly, quality over quantity rules supreme. Generating the best leads requires preparation ahead of time with research to find the most important companies or individuals.

“Most established trade shows have a large social media presence, often with tens of thousands of followers, likes and fans. The trade show is an opportunity to reach this massive audience, even if your own following is relatively modest… Track the conversation to find out the hot topics, connect with potential customers and find out who the major influencers are.”

Determining influential people and organizations at the event is very feasible through a mobile app’s directories of attendees, speakers, and sponsors. If the big players aren’t readily obvious, look at who is creating the most activity on social media and find their matching contact info in the directories to connect and make an impact. Also utilize social media features to reach a bigger audience by posting with the designated event hashtag and directly targeting influencers for lead generation and things like demonstrations or giveaways.

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