The Benefits of On-Site Support for Events Apps

Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 06, 2014

Event organizers are often tasked with managing an overwhelming amount of logistics at conferences and meetings. Providing on-site support for a mobile event app gives everyone peace of mind and ensures attendees have an expert on hand for everything from installation assistance to help navigating app content and interacting with advanced features. As an added bonus, on-site support offers help in submitting real-time content updates for last-minute agenda changes and push messages.

Wifi Connectivity  WiFi Connectivity and Installation 

While WiFi access at an event venue is rarely the responsibility of the event app provider, a dedicated resource with simple knowledge of the network name, password, and any other steps to connect is extremely helpful for attendees visiting the facility for the first time. Furthermore, attendees who have not downloaded the app prior to arriving may need assistance finding the app or even navigating the app stores. Simply assuming all attendees will arrive with the app in hand or have knowledge to quickly install the app upon arrival may leave some attendees frustrated and without vital event content—a situation easily avoided by a visible on-site support presence. 

Using the Mobile App Using the Mobile App

Feature and content-rich event apps may be user friendly and intuitive, yet maximizing the effectiveness of the technology often requires a quick chat with an expert. With advanced notice, on-site support can arrive prepared to showcase the app on a large display and interact with attendees who arrive with questions or concerns about the event app’s functionality. Many users will be technologically savvy and need little to no assistance, while giving a brief tutorial to others makes a significant difference in their experience using the mobile app at the event.  

Content update Content Updates

Every event experiences last-minute room switches, speaker additions, and other changes requiring edits to the event content. Unlike paper programs, content in mobile apps are generally editable in mere minutes by a content management system, yet someone needs to have access to a computer and the time to make changes. A dedicated on-site support presence enables event organizers and planners to simply drop by with change requests or even email and text necessary edits if time is in short supply. 

Push Messaging Push Messaging 

Real-time push messages represent an extremely useful tool at events for notifying attendees of special happenings and scheduling changes. Many organizations also monetize push messages, allowing exhibitors and sponsors to send promotional messages requesting people to visit a certain booth, website, or other specific page in the app. On-site support is capable of sending push messages on a predetermined schedule and can ensure the information is being broadcast to attendees.    

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Problems

Even the most reliable technology encounters small hiccups from time to time requiring tech support. While help may only be a phone call or email away, the physical presence of a trained support individual only makes the process of troubleshooting an issue faster and more efficient. Many issues can be fixed on the spot, while a problem needing advanced expertise is best relayed to a developer by a colleague at the event who is able to duplicate the problem and articulate the issue in a detailed manner. 

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