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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 22, 2015

    AppBurst Featured in Exhibition World Magazine Discussing Event App ROI for Exhibitors

    AppBurst's co-founder and lead software developer, Rob Cartagine, was recently featured in Exhibition World Magazine discussing the benefits of mobile event apps. His article specifically highlights the ROI potential for exhibitors—from ad exposure and push notifications to interactive exhibitor maps and networking. The article comes on the heels of other recent published work by Rob in Trade Show News Network and the Event Planner's Guidebook.

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  • Successful Social Media Campaigns for Event Planners on mobile apps
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 17, 2015

    Successful Social Media Campaigns: Before the Event

    Developing a successful social media campaign requires a game plan before, during, and after the event. Whether hosting a smaller meeting, annual conference, or trade show, integrating social media starts long before the big day arrives and requires a strategy to sustain attendee engagement in the months following an event. In part one of a three-part series, learn what needs to happen before the event to ensure a successful social media campaign.

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  • Educate attendees about mobile event apps
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 12, 2015

    Better Attendee Education Through Mobile Event Apps

    Attendee education represents a cornerstone of nearly every type of event. Meetings, conferences, and trade shows are able use interactive features in mobile event apps to improve information retention and effectively convey ideas to an audience. Better understanding how to implement mobile app features and how they relate to sessions is thus important for any event planner or organizer. 

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  • mobile app benefits for exhibitors at trade shows
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 09, 2015

    Trade Show Exhibitors Benefit via Mobile Event Apps: AppBurst Featured on TSNN

    AppBurst co-founder and lead software developer Rob Cartagine's insights into mobile event apps can again be found on the Trade Show News Network (TSNN). His new blog post highlights the biggest benefits a mobile event app can provide exhibitors at trade shows. Event planners and organizers not only directly benefit from going mobile, but are able to provide their exhibitors and sponsors with a valuable tool to increase exposure, lead generation, and marketing.

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  • best event industry articles
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 02, 2015

    Best Event Industry Articles: Volume 3

    AppBurst’s “Best Event Industry Articles” series aims to share insight related to the event industry from around the internet with a focus on mobile technology. Content sources range from event industry-specific blogs to major technology websites and everything in between. Along with original Apps For Events blog posts, we hope these summaries serve to better educate our readers on mobile technology and the many benefits of event apps.

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