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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 30, 2015

    Developing Mobile Event Apps Under Short Timelines

    Event planners and organizers must tackle countless logistics before any meeting, conference, or trade show and often lack the manpower to address everything months in advance. Other times changing initiatives handed down from company higher ups or extra funds in the budget changes priorities. In many cases the need for a mobile event app might only be fully realized with a month or two to spare and begs the question: is creating a high quality, native mobile app available for iOS and Android users still a reality?

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  • attendees networking mobile event app
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 17, 2015

    How To Create More Networking Opportunities at Events

    Scanning the agenda of most events means finding a handful of networking events typically in the form of end-of-day dinners, breaks, and perhaps social functions bookending the main helping of sessions. Yet most event planners and organizers fall into the trap of scheduling these traditional social events and overlooking alternatives best suited for genuine networking. Consider alternate takes on networking and utilize a mobile event app in the process to ensure attendees are maximizing their time and efforts.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 10, 2015

    How Mobile Event App Analytics Explain Attendee Preferences

    Most event planners and organizers look at how many times their app has been downloaded as a measure of its success—or lack thereof—at a meeting, conference or trade show. Other statistics like active and retained users are also popular and often satisfy the curiosity of higher-ups who signed off on the event app in the first place. Yet digging deeper into analytics for native iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile event apps explains a lot about attendee behaviors and can greatly improve both the app and event itself for upcoming years. 

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