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  • event app destination guides
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 15, 2014

    Using Event Apps as Destination Guides

    Few event app features make more sense than a comprehensive destination guide for attendees, many of whom are visiting a host city for the first time and need advice on everything from public transportation to local restaurants. Value added features to attendees often fall outside of traditional program content and are benefits mobile technology brings to the table. Ensure users receive the best possible experience at both the event and in their free time around town by including a destination guide—potentially adding sponsor revenue in the process.

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  • Utilizing Twitter Mobile Event App
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 01, 2014

    How to Utilize Twitter During an Event

    Twitter is a powerful social media tool with over 255-million active monthly users. Event apps are able to integrate the social media platform in a variety of ways, from enabling users to share app content to providing real-time Twitter feeds -- used for promotion and to update attendees about event happenings. Understanding the power of Twitter during a meeting or conference to interact with attendees, exhibitors, and even those not attending the event is important to maximize its potential.

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