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  • Increase Users by Generating App Content Before the Event
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 24, 2014

    Increase Users by Generating App Content Before the Event

    Driving user engagement in a mobile event app represents an important year-round process. Start well before the event to ensure attendees and even those not attending the event view the app as a must-have resource, leading to a higher user base. Other benefits include a better potential to generate ad revenue and reach people for event-related content, marketing efforts, and more. Increasing app content also drives more traffic to related websites and social media pages, resulting in a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

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  • understanding event app updates
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 18, 2014

    Understanding Mobile Event App Updates

    The majority of event apps require new graphics and content at least once a year to correlate with annual conferences and meetings. While the workflow to ready app material from one year to the next is very similar, understanding the technical aspect behind updating an event app and what it means for both the event organizer and end users is necessary in planning internal logistics and communicating with attendees before each event.

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  • social interaction
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 14, 2014

    Sustained Social Interaction: A Fundamental Benefit of Event Apps

    Conferences, meetings, and trade shows in past decades relied on inundating attendees with printed content and verbal information over a short two to three-day time period. Pre-event registration largely consisted of promotions via old fashioned mail and later email, followed by a period of radio silence after the event where planners and organizers crossed their fingers, hoping attendees saw enough at the event to register all over again the following year.

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  • effective event app survey
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 01, 2014

    Tips for Creating an Effective Event App Survey

    Interactive surveys give event planners and organizers a useful tool to glean information from attendees. Knowing how to construct questions and what type of criteria to ask are important considerations to ensure any information received is ultimately helpful.

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