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    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 25, 2014

    Creative Ways to Generate Additional Event App Sponsor Revenue

    Traditional banners ads, splash pages, and even push messages are great sources of revenue for event apps, yet mobile technology offers a nearly unlimited number of additional methods to monetize an app and enjoy increasing returns on investment. Coupled with an open mind to seek out alternate sponsor sources, the ability to be flexible and actively paint a mobile app as a dynamic tool capable of promoting a range of products and services is beneficial for all event planners and organizers.

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  • app analytics
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 18, 2014

    Using App Analytics to Plan for Next Year's Event

    Understanding big-picture metrics such as total number of downloads and retained users are important to gauge an event app's overall popularity, yet these numbers are most strongly correlated with marketing the app and size of the event. Digging deeper into available analytics provides important lessons in planning the layout of content for next year's event, retaining or improving upon sponsor revenue, and understanding the user's overall app experience.

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  • on-site customer support
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 06, 2014

    The Benefits of On-Site Support for Events Apps

    Event organizers are often tasked with managing an overwhelming amount of logistics at conferences and meetings. Providing on-site support for a mobile event app gives everyone peace of mind and ensures attendees have an expert on hand for everything from installation assistance to help navigating app content and interacting with advanced features. As an added bonus, on-site support offers help in submitting real-time content updates for last-minute agenda changes and push messages.

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