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  • questions for mobile event app developers
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 13, 2014

    International Events: Three Questions to Ask Mobile App Developers

    Conferences are increasingly global affairs with attendees hailing from different countries and speaking a number of different languages. Mobile app development companies for iPhone, iPad, and Android event apps need to support the subtle differences between providing a mostly domestic event hosted in the United States and those located elsewhere with a largely international audience. Find out three of the most important considerations for an international event below:

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  • questions for app developers
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Nov 06, 2014

    Questions to Ask Mobile Event App Development Companies

    Developing a quality mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android entails creating a transparent relationship between the development company and client. Considering the collaboration and decision-making process during the development process, along with submitting the app and subsequent maintenance, the more a client understands about the product and service provided alleviates surprises after a contract is signed. Check out the following big-picture topics to learn what questions any prospective client should ask a development company well before an agreement is reached to build a mobile app.

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