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  • paperless meetings
    Posted by Mark Born on Oct 22, 2013

    AppBurst's Reseller Program for Mobile Event Apps

    As the event industry continues momentum towards completely paperless meetings and conferences, destination management and event production companies are realizing that offering mobile event apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android are no longer a luxury, but a non negotiable demand from their clients. 

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  • attendee communication
    Posted by Matt Milloway on Oct 07, 2013

    Event App Attendee Communication: AppBurst Featured in Meetings & Conventions Magazine

    AppBurst co-founder and lead developer Rob Cartagine was featured once again in Meetings and Conventions Magazine, this time discussing in-app attendee communication in the publication's October 2013 issue. Check out excerpts below and read the full article to learn more about our attendee communication solutions for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile event apps.

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  • easy-solution-mobile-app-event
    Posted by Mark Born on Aug 30, 2013

    An Easy Solution to Mobile Event App Downloads

    Are you concerned your event will have too many people who are not “tech savvy”, or perhaps don’t know an app from applesauce? Overcoming a lack of tech knowledge with (an increasingly small number of) attendees is a common challenge event organizers and planners face when considering a high functioning, intuitive mobile event app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Aug 09, 2013

    Preparing Content to Include in a Mobile Event App

    Our mobile event apps for iPhone, iPad and Android are able to showcase significant amounts of content to attendees. While the technical aspect of building the app and many features such as bookmarking, notes and city guides are entirely handled by AppBurst, our clients must provide event-specific content in formats best suited for mobilization. Browse the different areas below for more details on preparing content to include in a mobile event app. 

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  • Posted by Mark Born on Aug 02, 2013

    Keeping Attendees Informed with a Mobile App at the Event

    While mobile app promotion greatly increases the number of potential users prior to a meeting or conference, keeping attendees informed at an event via iPhone, iPad, and Android apps is probably the main goal of the event organizer. Sharing both event-related updates and reminders to access content inside of the app will maximize user retention and make the event experience much easier for both attendees and organizers.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jul 26, 2013

    How To Acquire Sponsorships for your Mobile Event App

    Mobile event app sponsorship opportunities enable our clients to recoup the costs of developing an iPhone, iPad and Android app, often times even turning the app into a profit center. While we offer a varied lineup of sponsor features, the process of finding the right organizations and securing money for sponsorships can be challenging for event organizers. The following roadmap illustrates best practices for planning, pricing and presenting sponsorships to generate a significant return on investment in any event app. 

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jun 28, 2013

    How To Promote Your Mobile App Before the Event

    A mobile event app with engaging features and volumes of content is only effective if a significant portion of attendees become users. Our iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile web apps are capable of reaching virtually every smartphone and tablet user, yet simply assuming attendees will find and download a mobile app results in a small user base and fails to take advantage of cost effective and easy methods of promotion. Through the right combination of traditional communication, social media, and marketing materials, event planners and organizers will see great benefits not only at the event, but throughout the life of the app.   

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  • Posted by Mark Born on Jun 15, 2013

    Using a Mobile App to Generate ROI for Conferences and Events

    AppBurst mobile apps for events enable companies and organizations to produce an impressive return on investment, with iPhone, iPad, and Android apps geared towards maximizing sponsorship revenue and user retention. Providing a user base with app tools and updated content greatly increases user engagement and leads to more ROI opportunities such as charging vendors for push notifications and in-app sponsor features.

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  • Posted by Mark Born on May 31, 2013

    A Guide to Interactive Exhibitor Maps in Mobile Conference & Event Apps

    Exhibit halls are often the busiest locales at conferences and events, with exhibitors and vendors showcasing a variety of products or services relevant to virtually every attendee. AppBurst understands the importance of showcasing the exhibit hall to attendees and provides a highly interactive exhibitor map in mobile event apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on May 15, 2013

    Learn How to Utilize Event App Attendee Communication

    Beyond providing relevant material such as agendas and exhibitor information to attendees, AppBurst-developed mobile apps for events (iPad, iPhone, and Android) enable users to communicate with one another in a variety of ways. Attendee communication with other attendees and speakers is made possible via profile pages in the app, which can be open to the public or private so only authorized users have access to personal information.   

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Mar 28, 2013

    AppBurst Featured in Meetings & Conventions Magazine

    What should your event app do? AppBurst co-founder Rob Cartagine provided this answer and more in the March edition of Meetings and Conventions Magazine. The article, entitled "What Should Your Event App Do?", gives readers insight into the event app industry as a whole and showcases many benefits of our Apps For Events service offers in the process:

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  • Posted by on Mar 27, 2013

    IACC 2013 Mobile Apps for Events Presentation

    Mike Haldas and Mark Golden from AppBurst attended the IACC 2013 Americas conference hosted by the International Association of Conference Centres on March 20, 2013 in Chicago, IL.  Mike and Mark presented a session called "Keep Event Attendees Engaged with Interactive Mobile Apps".   The session discussed the features that should be considered to be included in an event app (iPhone, iPad, Android) so that it is useful for attendees to use at the event and motivates them to keep the app installed on their device year round.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 13, 2013

    Single Event Apps vs. Multi Event Apps

    An important decision for any company or organization holding multiple events throughout the year revolves around the number of apps ultimately available to attendees. Do you use a different mobile event app for each meeting or simply have one app and refresh the content from one event to the next? 

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 13, 2013

    AppBurst Releases AAAAI 2013 Annual Meeting App

    AppBurst has released a mobile event application for the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology's (AAAAI) Annual Meeting. The application -- available in native iPhone, iPad, and Android versions, as well as a mobile-web app -- was developed for the 2013 event, taking place in San Antonio, Texas from February 22nd to the 26th. 

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Feb 04, 2013

    AppBurst Releases Satcom Direct Annual Conference App

    AppBurst has released a mobile event app for Satcom Direct's annual Connecting with Customers Conference, taking place today through Thursday at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio, Texas. The event will focus on industry topics regarding global satellite communications and host a variety of training sessions, certification renewals, and networking events.

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  • Posted by Matt Milloway on Jan 08, 2013

    Comparing AppBurst Event Apps to Alternatives

    In the crowded space of mobile app development, all apps for events are not created equal. Many solutions result in a generic-looking app with little room for customizable branding or ways to display content. AppBurst understands the need to create fully brandable iPhone event apps, iPad event apps, and Android event apps with engaging content displayed and organized in ways best fitting each specific event. Check out the following examples to see how our mobile event apps stack up to other available options: 

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