Event Apps Help Achieve Big-Picture Goals: AppBurst Featured in EPA’s Event Planners Guidebook

Posted by Matt Milloway on Apr 14, 2015

An article written by AppBurst co-founder and lead software developer Rob Cartagine was recently featured in The Event Planner’s Guidebook, a blog published by the Event Planners Association (EPA). The association consists of nearly 4,000 members nationwide and works with a variety of entities to achieve everything related to event planning.

Entitled “How Mobile Event Apps Help Planners & Organizers Achieve Big-Picture Goals”, the blog post highlights four topics every event planner and organizer should consider when weighing the benefits of mobile event apps; attendee education, generating revenue, brand awareness, and networking.

“Engaging users and giving both event hosts and attendees the ability to enjoy the benefits of mobile only serve to enhance big-picture goals and create a foundation for sharing information and making lasting year-round impressions. By determining the biggest goals of an event and how event apps enable planners and organizers to more quickly realize these goals places the importance of going mobile in a new light.”

Read the entire post here.