AppBurst Featured in Meetings & Conventions Magazine

Posted by Matt Milloway on Mar 28, 2013

What should your event app do? AppBurst co-founder Rob Cartagine provided this answer and more in the March edition of Meetings and Conventions Magazine. The article, entitled "What Should Your Event App Do?", gives readers insight into the event app industry as a whole and showcases many benefits of our Apps For Events service offers in the process:

Every event app provides basic features, such as an agenda, and most add access to social media. While these might be the primary reasons your attendees will use the app, you can easily turn it into much more. Mobile technology offers untapped potential to engage attendees and generate revenue for your organization. Work with a developer to create something more than a static reference tool. Your goal should be a piece of technology that can be used year-round to promote multiple events and other important content. 

Article highlights include many key features and services AppBurst provides to its clients, such as easy content management through an admin system, generating revenue through push messaging and sponsorship opportunities, as well as the theme of the article: making an event app relevant on a year-round basis.

Event App Takeways:

1) A mobile app can be an evolving tool to communicate with your audience throughout the year.

2) Survey and polling functionality provide useful feedback for future development.

3) Year-round audience use provides additional value to sponsors.

4) Consider native-app features that might not be available in mobile web apps.

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